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Shank did like sorry. So we're all switching our picks race kramer pick to win this season. Be a prison shank. First rounder is green crochet crank. Ooh i'm i'm looking forward to that. I think that's how he's gonna win. The next fight is the fight that i'm looking forward to me. Man be this is going to be fight the night for me to be an awesome fight man. Yup yup that was coming off that tough fight where he took it on. Short notice to dr yutian. You is still banging in there. And dr used just a fucking warrior and pulled it out. You know what. I mean. Because i picked yego i thought was on fire. I can't pick against the after. He goes after he fought pederson submitted him kept him on the shelf too long and then they put him back in there. And they forget. Defy dr you out of nowhere and our asia's top notch to fight in the goddamn taku and like the weeks but I like diego feodor man. I think less visa held suck wrestler and scrapper but All these guys are at cancels it out. Go bang it out and i think they had a catches him and gets gets another finish and gregor. Gillespie is as good as he was thirteen and he got caught. Think he's in for another fight where he gets finished vehicles looking for a big win Amana i think that the diego is using come in here man these guys do what he does is gonna take down and just amid him i think he gets it done man diego top notch and unfortunately they shelled him for way too long. And that's really shitty even nothing to do with colbert. Either you just on the show for a long time. Well he needs to put on a good show means to put on a good fight. That what he doesn't get that again in starts making a run for that title. Shot exits twelve against fifteen. According to our technology loading it might be a little bit higher ranked in the afc. But i don't actually look at usc rankings anymore. I stopped doing that ten months ago. Right on thirty. We're almost don't the time. Jesus christ but let's finish out. The main card amend that reverse verses angela hill and like i said before i never picked against amanda. I'm gonna pick amanda this light. I like her to angela hill. Always find yourself into a decision that she leaves it enhance at the decisions that i don't think we bus is to allow that. Both ladies are really good. It's a good match up on. When i first heard about it being announced it's very proper bounceback back by a rebus anna fight where Evangelos get over rebus. Shicheng itchy needs a really good quality. Went to because he's always in the mix. I was fighting the best so matchmaking on the side of the ufc. But i will go with manda bus by a possible submission. But i gotta win in the fight either way so abusive Just lost a knockout in the first round at two minutes and thirty two seconds. So don't tell me. He walked in there just like steep and just got crashed out. It's not something. Like data and then kayla kayla harrison defeats marlena or moral first round bye. Tko at twenty three marks. That's what i think of that. Fight right there. Yup not not surprised at all at all eases go back and check those out there only thirty second fights anyway so after we get done here boys i'm gonna check it out l. yemen. I'm doing. I'm actually doing the libraries. Let's right now. So brennan styles are also defeated muhammed. Espn which is the brother. A champ loosen oh yak month rather lost by technical submission weird naked choke in the second round so to go back and watch these. I'm just getting these results by a well. Let me finish my my prediction but angela. Angela hill and reeboks. Yeah man I think robust is going to win the last time he'll want. Something was a grammy in nineteen. Ninety six oh man actually wasn't for that it was for scream jackson video. Do not forget. We're not gonna hit the whole prelims. Carbon need not forget. My man steel houses stepping in short. Notice the file fight. Kyle dacas i think is very tough test man. He's got the ground game. We haven't really seen On his back but last time we seem still out there he got craxi got hurts But he's he's quickly trying to get three you know in the afc against dhaka's. I think it's a really good match for man said george how this status big house. I joke on that guy so much of always call him dick house and he. This guy always proved me wrong. So i'm going to call him by his real name tonight. I'll dock house or dacas than a lose her. Very i think the original pony it was but now surprise still stepped in short notice He wants to get in there and You know get a nice knockout. I think he has the skills to put. Dacas out officers. Dick apartment was stupid. Adult and if Alex was here. He'd be talking about. Ben rothwell man just a lifelong. Uc guy just are ever like ben roswell using forever never gonna stop fighting in the see that guy. When i saw him on this card i was like what the fuck he's fighting again and he will win. My prediction knocked out by going to knock out philippians. He's a bulldozer. Guys the end of the real and so we're going to start the main car before it starts. You're gonna see phil house and a dhaka's than ben rothwell. So i think from then on out the cards should deliver the early fights. Don't get me wrong. There is some you know some pretty tough match ups too but we ran out of time. We couldn't run through them all but that's fine. That's why that's why we here. We can break down every fight. Every pass performance and west took that they threw eight years ago and it's going to factor in fighting. Play out saturday night. So yes sir. Right on well guys. It was an awesome show tonight Suck that are higher other host. Alex could make it again. I know his job is They're making everybody work late so You know it is what it is. So he's up on what he can But thanks everybody. That's watching and listening. Thank you so much for the support. Lease it out to fight book Supporters h. a. Usa uptown fuel. Our partners promotions mma comics again. They just dropped issue number five. It is fucking hilarious. Check him out. it ought to. We're again spoiled with combat sports from tonight on foul ended. Delatour tomorrow night Usc followed by cannella time. So looking forward to seeing how everything plays out Come monday Join us back here. Five book and i may on five roles in a may produced by rudy laura but far as we go tonight. Man spent a fun boys thursday nights. That's how we do it. So the latest combat sports news. You know where to go all around the world by book. Mma is a spot every thursday night. Right here inside you listen to podcast on podcast bat. Form lucas up by gamma made sitting. Ringside for myself dave. Enriquez's read the prophet lara. Robert half to the boss says episode eighty nine. We will catch on the.

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