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So one thing i wanted to ask you because you've been in the leadership space for you know like you said a thousand years. What's your take on leadership his bone. Are they natural oak. And you might be not. She hadn't gone with a thousand. The comment that was you. You said that you. I don't believe people are born leaders or not leaders. This is the argument about nature and nurture eh. And if you've been to three promises and neurosurgeon the environment you come up and we'll be different. Compensation when expectations. Yeah i. i'm not a doctor. Understand the jeans and things so maybe there's some stuff in there that may predispose you but that same person could be crushed by the environment that born into. I believe very strongly that anybody can be a leader and it's not just the lead is just the person at the top of the business. Someone tom at two minute case. Study on on. Yeah absolutely yeah. let's guy i was. I was consulting to accompany making us cream in new in mill in wilmington and they had a sales manager for ten fifteen years. He'd been life thought he'd been extraordinarily good because every year they saw more anyway he retired and they bought a new job and then the first year he increased the south by thirty percent. So they never knew. Really want could do because. I just kept telling timothy. Anton meant budget which is awesome budgeting and so suddenly found. It couldn't actually produce that much scream and so the the production manager was putting together a cost benefit analysis to boston land and big began manufacturing cloud and there was a young vietnamese girl had been there one month who said to the belgian manager. I think i have an answer. And his response to hell was. Your job is not to be thinking. Your job is to be packing and who i always in the business awhile. As a as a coach. I heard this conversation. I've heard us it. What was your thought. And she said if we move this rollicking via if just a menu not plugged in automatic. Just a manual roll up and via from the side of the factory to the other side of the factory are reckon we'll be out of the thirty percent more product so we did and we did. That's amazing net. So that's a little vietnamese girl being there about and she has leave. That can be anywhere in the business. Draw the leader could've been my eight year old daughter when she called me to account once for either speaking than she was speaking as sort of you want to be a leader and it and it definitely isn't going to say something that was mopping fending and a handy. No you but needn't be the coach. No that's right absolutely and it needn't be the general in the army because they have very more micromanage is and till i'll tell you you shop do isn't and then he's not leadership..

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