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7 10 K I R O A. M. Seattle 97 3 K I R O F M. Tacoma, Seattle. Well, if Notre Dame is gonna win its first college football playoff game in its history, they got some work to do. Second half is moments away, Andre where Holly Rowe and our man Joe Tessitore ready to go with the second half. Thank you, Suban. We are back here in Arlington, Texas, at 18 T Stadium this year, the home for the Rose Bowl game presented by Capital one. 21 to 7. Now, remember, Notre Dame won the toss. They elected to receive. So Bama receives this second half kick. And you would think it is absolutely critical that the Notre Dame defense comes up with a stop. Yeah, absolutely. And they need some of the juice in which they played with Toe force Alabama toe punt at the end of the first half, where they finally got him behind the down and distance markers and were able to play downhill for the first time in the first half. So that's exactly what needs to happen here to start this second half. I wouldn't. I wouldn't even go as far as to say force of three and out, create a short field and then put your offense on the field with a chance to get back in this thing. Notre Dame's Jonathan Doors to kick off the second half of the Rose Bowl. Right toe left Notre Dame in the road uniforms, the White jersey Obama in the tradition rich Princess And I'll go for a touchback. So Mack Jones will come out out Holly guys, Devante Smith had a huge first half for Alabama over 100 yards receiving, but he just came out of the locker room, and it's really still.

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