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Have an unknown period Of of what was going on with him. It was a scary time and we were at high alert because we didn't really know what would trigger a seizure and so as they became more frequent. Our normal lives is halted and we were needing to know how to support him and be patient for commitments to be set up of referrals. Go through the testing results to come back so while we were at a hospital. Stay for an EEG testing per drew. I walked over to one of my ultrasound. Appointments are twins and Jen stayed. Rick drew about appointment. I found out that are twins were diagnosed with twin transfusion syndrome. It's called T. T. And it's a rare disorder that can happen to be that share placenta when they're missed connections of blood vessels that allowed the babies to grow at different rates are twins were at an advanced stage at t t t s and needed medical intervention to keep them alive. I was giving information of what our treatment options were at. Check it all back to Jim. My parents came and stayed with her older kids in gym nine went to Charlotte North Carolina to the closest Fetal Care Monitoring Centre that performed elaborates topic surgery to correct the imbalance in the placenta. And give the baby's an equal share of the on Placenta. And that would give them the best chance for continuing to grow in the home. We had a successful surgery on October. Eight two dozen eighteen for our twins. Benjamin and Ethan and we chose to do a twenty four hour monitoring on them since they were twenty four weeks gestation they had other interventions. They could do they were viable outside of the womb. We were at a facility. That had great medical care and interventions if needed at the end of that monitoring we had never ultrasound and it was clear that the twins heart rate were dangerously low so we went ahead with an emergency. C section..

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