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I'm joined by Matt Q and Jess mcfadden, and we'll be analyzing the singer poor Grand Prix and the shambles that followed, but that wasn't the biggest race today, not by a long way, because our friend and colleague, Luke Smith completed the London marathon today, just over 5 hours. We couldn't be more proud raising money for charity. Done it myself, in over 5 hours, similar time to Luke funnily enough, Matt, have you ever fancied putting on your trainers for 26.2 miles? I've not run it before. My brother has, so in a competition to be parents favorite charge, he has that over me, but no real desire. I enjoy obviously the endorphins after I just find it so tedious, so it's got to be, I've got to be kicking a ball or have a rack at my hand to make exercise that bit more fun, but fair play to Luke an amazing cause, really, really inspiring job saying how hard he's been training. And if I had to write an autosport, runners ratings for the Singapore Grand Prix weekend Lee could be getting a slam dunk ten, I can assure him of that. And Jess, I swear I've seen on your socials, you've put stuff like, oh, just home for a run, what is that? Is that like a little 5 K park runner or thinking one day that you might bite off a little more like Luke today and do the do the full marathon? No. No, well, so I was one of those people that got into running in lockdown. I wasn't really, I wouldn't ever call myself a runner. I was a bit like Q in that I prefer sports or actually doing something competitive rather than running. I find running quite tedious sometimes, but seeing as there was nothing else to do. My partner and I, we took, well, he's a keen runner, but he's done the London marathon. He's done more than one marathon in his time. So he tried to get me into it. And I don't mind it. I do enjoy it, but I'm definitely one of those people where I need to run with other people, like I can't do it on my own. And I know that you've got a big crowd of people with you for the marathon, but oh my God, I just could not. The idea of taking on that long of a run. Terrifies me. So genuinely what Luke has done is amazing. And obviously, for an amazing cause as well, remembering his mom and raising money for macmillan cancer support is awesome and he should be extremely proud of himself because it's definitely something I can't imagine I would ever do. Absolutely, absolutely. And if you check out Luke's Twitter, the best place probably I imagine the easiest way for me to explain it's Luke Smith F one on Twitter, most people are releasing it how to use it. Luke Smith F one, pinned post at the top, which is a link through to his just giving page, raising money for macmillan as Jess says. And even though it's after the event right now, and he smashed his target, whatever you can pass their way. I know it's a tough times, everything's tight at the minute, but you really will be helping and it will be massively appreciated. All right, here we go, then. Let's get into the Singapore Grand Prix. Business as usual. Really, leclerc was on pole. But he didn't win. Sergio Pérez took the lead before turn one. And he never ever looked back. Metaphorically, of course. He was looking at his rearview mirrors for large sections of the race as leclerc piled on the pressure, but couldn't eventually beat him. Hamilton shunted into the barriers, big time, but somehow. Man, that Mercedes is built tough. Change your front wing change of tyres, but unfortunately, put him out of the podium, hunt, which is what he was doing at the time, eventually finishing 9th Verstappen spent the afternoon coming through the pack. He also locked up massively, attempting a move on Norris, which put the Red Bull to the very back of the pack, fighting back eventually finishing 7th and today we should be heaping praise on Perez and talking about nothing else than a fine fine drive in changeable conditions. Well, very wet conditions at the start. Talk about Ferraris double podium talking about McLaren strategy and a big old dose of luck to come home forth and 5th. On both Aston's in the point, stroll 6th Vettel 8th, but instead, somehow, we're asking why fans of the sport that we love didn't know the results for well over two hours after the flag. The world's fastest sport once again takes longer than any other sport in the world to come to a decision. And there's copious amounts of hard data, but once again, the stuarts may the stewards making judgment calls based on how well the driver and their team representative argues their case, looking for mitigating circumstances, long after the race has finished, like it shouldn't be like this. It fosters conspiracy theories about how they're working out how to both dish out the penalty because Perez did break the rules, but also not so much that Red Bull get denied. Like that was what we saw after the race. I'll give you the background and then we can talk about this. Sergio Pérez fell back from the safety car more than the allowed distance of ten car lengths on three separate occasions, earning a 5 second penalty for the final time that he did it. He finished 7 seconds up the road from leclerc at the flag, therefore the result doesn't change, but it's the result that fans had no idea of long after the broadcasters had gone home and that's ridiculous to treat the fans that way and the sport. Now, here's the actual wording of what happens stewards say that poire has dropped back too far on three occasions. The first time lap ten on enters between turns 13 and 14, he was investigated for that and given a reprimand. The second time it happened on lap 36 on the slicks between turns 9 and ten, he was given a warning. The team was given a warning by the race director. The same lap, he did it again after being warned between turns 13 and 14, and for that he was given a 5 second penalty. Not at the time. But hours after the race finished. Let's get into it. You've heard enough of me. Jess, what is going on at the FIA? You're asking the fans that the story isn't over, two hours after, you know, sky had gone off the air if you're in the UK or most of TV broadcasters has stopped reporting because they ran out of broadcast allocation time and we still don't know who's won the race. People find out either through our websites. Hopefully all through social media, who is actually won the race. Now, as it turns out, in this instance, the penalty meant that the race results still stood from the provisional results that we got when the checkered flag dropped. But for me, it's a case of why on earth was something like that. Which happened, as you mentioned, so first incident was lap ten. The last incident was lap 36, so just about just over halfway through the race. Why on earth it took two hours from the checkered flag dropping for the result to be made? Completely ludicrous, it makes the FIA look like a laughing stock. If I'm honest, people just don't believe that the stewards are in control. They believe they're being influenced by people by calling them into this suit.

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