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Amaury Cooper, Cowboys, Amari Cooper discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


Oh boy, that'll be tomorrow. Pets based. Chris is gonna. Join us in a bit. Are the Cowboys on their way to the playoffs with Amari Cooper, we'll discuss that with James Harrison. Next. So the Cowboys made a big move earlier this week, trading first round pick for Mari Cooper, couple of great toy. Aikman said he's quote a little skeptical about the trade and pro-football talks. Mike Florio says, the Cowboys move is not good financially and they should have drafted Filkins rookie wideout Kelvin Ridley with their nineteenth pick instead. So Michael Rapaport still with us. Now we have James Harrison joining the mix. We have a better Shannon Sharpe actually sitting, let's call it a skip James till sending though. Oh. I mean. Orders either way skip. I'm going to start with you here with the addition of Amari Cooper with your Cowboys. I mean, is Dallas new favorite in the NFC east? Yes, they are the favorite. They will win the NFC east because of Amari Cooper and less that demonic Howie Roseman the GM the eagles does what he's been doing for two years, which is dominate the National Football League unless he goes and gets Patrick Peterson from Arizona because that would cancel out the Amari move in Dallas. But barring that if it stays as is the scales just tipped in Dallas favor in an NFC east that hasn't even started. I'm sorry, you're giants or done already, but that's a whole nother story. We'll get to that a little later, but may I address the Calvin Ridley angle please? Because Mike Florio is trying to say that he would have been a better by and I soon a better player than Amari Cooper baloney to that. Calvin Ridley is not in Amaury Cooper's league Amari Cooper made to pro bowls as. Rookie and a second year player in this league. And that's pretty great in if I put Amari Cooper right now in the Atlanta, Falcons receiver mix not good things, but great things would happen because obviously, Calvin Ridley gets to play opposite Julio and sanu, and you see that little Marvin hall. Their second year player catch a touchdown pass on Monday night. So they have speed everywhere in Austin, Hooper as they're tied in is pretty good. So once if you put Calvin really in the middle of that, yeah, he's going to rise and shine occasionally, but not like Amari Cooper, so it's money. Well spent next year you would cost thirteen point. Nine million show me a free agent. It'll be on the market next year. That would be better than Amari Cooper. There's just not one. So again, did they overpay with the first round pick? Yeah, because he's not worth the first rounder, but the eagles had offered a second rounder. So what are you gonna? Do you have a chance to go win this division? And Jerry Jones finally did something, and he made the Dallas Cowboys a lot better because they don't have anything. He messed them. A lot better, but I don't think he makes them favorite. I'm still rolling with Washington because I still have a defense. That's pretty good. It's pretty three versus your defense, and they're five is not that many in between them as far as everything ski. My have quarterbacks, I have a quarterback date is not going to lose me game in Washington. He's going to control the ball..

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Amaury Cooper, Cowboys, Amari Cooper discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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