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We have a lot more in store on this. And some more cautions with that national emergency and will continue to follow it as well. But in the meantime, let's get you like all hooked up with some headlines. And now all of the news, you would probably miss it's time for data's quickfire. So. This is a political headline Trump technically obese despite doctors clean Bill of health because he gained five pounds so fat shaming just remember that journalists have now this is BuzzFeed that is lamenting over this. They say journalists have been banned from a powerful database that lets you search people's phone numbers and addresses yet. Well, do you want to know why I think that's a good thing? Because you remember with the journalists to people who had permits and who had FFA falls New York right and had concealed carry permits as a of in Europe where they published. Everybody's conceal all the concealed carry addresses up. There. Remember that? Yeah. That's maybe why we don't want you to have all of that stuff. Kamala Harris is fundraising is reportedly falling short of its goals. I not shredded interpret that that seems very weird. They say it's a that she issued this urgent Email saying that were falling short. They were looking at some of the donations coming in. This is why she's trying to pick these high profile. File fights. Because then they can usually use that as as some sort of fundraising behavior at age six may predict adult income interesting. This comes from your time's kindergarten teachers in the poorest neighborhoods of Montreal. They rated almost two thousand six year olds using scales measuring inattention hyperactivity defiant behavior, Gresham. Pro sociality cetera. Gathered information on earnings from tax returns at age thirty five to thirty six, and they say that it actually your behavior they say that deviant behavior hyperactivity in defiance can actually lead the lower income, those who were very attentive, and that were pro social and had a service as opposed to aggressiveness. I ended up getting more making more income at that age. Interesting. Let's see airlines stranded a record number of passengers this year. I'm not surprised at that. They said that that two hundred forty four flights were delayed for three hours in the first eleven months of twenty eighteen seems like its increasing. Oh, man. I have a crazy story for you coming up as well. Steven Yates joins us next. Here's the truth. Your cell phone company is probably funding progressive gun. Grabbers patriot mobile America's only conservative cell phone company is doing the opposite fed up with disgusting policies that come from New York like their abortion law.

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