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And then we turn the page. We have superman flying luther looking out at him and we still have a little bit from. Jonathan. We worry about our son is he. Eating Ray is making friends. That'll stay out of harm's way even if he is superman and then we have luther watching him in the closing thing is. It's going to be a long hot summer and it's just interesting because you know we don't that in spring it's all about Clark and then we get just a touch of superman setup for what the next chapter would be and I think storytelling you so simple by using the different narrator. So it's something that will Expand UPON as we go. But I don't know I always love and superman stories like we talked about the origin. And maybe not so much the origin but just I liked the SMALLVILLE time You know so. Yeah it's really cool to see this. How small smallville is in in this story and narrating everybody knows everybody And just from the parents from parents point of view like the the last page of narration from Him. A you know at the end of the day were not all that different. I'm not sure we're all that different from any other parents. We worry about our son that he's eating right that he's making friends that he'll stay out of harm's way even if he is superman. You know it's it's like all those stories where Superman goes home and Martha Kent is asking him. Have you been eating? You look thin or whatever. And he's Mom Superman. The mother knows that's always the one thing I love about Lois and Clark the TV series was just the fun we have with the parents in their son. You know yeah I understood over the years that from a long time ago When he was found he was found by an elderly couple so by the time he grew up his parents were old his his dad Either have died or mostly has died and and his mile is real all I like over the years that they found him as more of a middle-aged couple a younger middle aged couple and by the time he's grown. They're adults I. I don't think I like the stories where Jonathan still alive. He's got interactions with both of his parents. I do too. I like the of kids being like mid thirties like when they find him kind of that idea of. They're struggling with okay. We're we're we're about to be. Are we getting to be too although we can't have kids like they're struggling with you know we're not young anymore? We're starting to get older and they're not old parents but like they're the kind of parents that you know when the son in school a lot of the other parents will be younger than them but they're not grandparent's yet you know they're not that old. I while while I do love. The order John and Martha and Lois. And Clark I. I can relate more to those mid thirties. Ones like in you know like in small groups and stuff and I guess I'd have to say I I like the mid thirty one's on what they did find Clarkson and Mid Thirties. Because that's where I'm at you. I mean Clark being ten John Being Forty five you know and Clark Yeah. Earning Fifteen Jonathan's fifty where he's a little older but he's still not grandpa you know. So that when Clark's you know thirty year old man then Jonathan's he's getting older but he still you know he's like in his sixties so he's older but anyways so what would you guys are great just the Spring Park. Just just if you just read this issue by itself not knowing that there was more to come how. How would you feel about this story? I really I really like it It's from the the narration is Great. the The coming from Pop can just being father The Clark learning it goes by really quick. He learns a lot about himself really quick and what he's able to do and And and he shows him being a good person and wanting to do more. It's really good. It's it's Definitely a the heart of Superman Coming from the very beginning and it doesn't have to be the they don't know anything about him they don't show anything about CRIP -ton or or him being a baby. All they do is mentioned the rocket And it's your with Clark right now Agree and I like at about even even being an origin story. It's it's just about Clark right now. You're with him right now. There's only there's only a mentioned and you move on you know because it goes back to that you know that it's coming from his father and the idea of spring and change like we're experiencing spring the time of Rebirth Life Renewal Change. And that's what Clark's doing you know. Brian your thoughts. Mike I give I give it a probably nine ten. I everything that.

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