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The starting eleven of Sante Aguayo and sterling up top Gwyn again, Fernan Denia Bernardo Silva in the middle, and then del LaPorta Otamendi Walker in the back four with Edison, playing keeper, leading the goals from city. Aguayo scoring the thirty. Second minute, Bernardo Silva scoring in the thirty. Fifth, going against going in the forty fourth and you had Mahrez scoring in these sixty seven and Mara scoring. Once again in the eighty nine. I mean looking at city, they have the best team. I'd say player for player in the Premier Li. You have Marez coming off the bench. David Silva didn't even play on this when he was on the bench. Ghabra j. sues I've me it's a real solid team here. Like I said, they beat Cardiff City five, nil move around. You had Leicester City beating Huddersfield town, Huddersfield town, not necessarily a great team in the Premier League goals from collects and Nacho head Nacho. I just think he needs more of an opportunity and I think he's getting that with Leicester City. Jamie Vardi scored. Then James Madison scoring their four hundred still town. It see you had Zongo scoring in the fifth minute there. I mean, they jumped out to the one no lead early on, but let's city did well to handle business. Take the lead back and when convincingly there. Then we had Crystal Palace and Newcastle United ROY, nil, nil there. I mean, now the team is great. Newcastle is a huge disappointment considering how much money they bring into the club, just decided not to spend, then that's more so the board and ownership rather than Benitez and all those other is there. So I mean. Newcastle basically stuck in a point where they can't really succeed, and there was nothing real notable about this match. So they draw zero zero there. Then you had Tottenham beating Brian and whole Valby Tottenham they did well yet, hey canes going in the forty second minute hasn't really gotten off to way hot start to start the season August. He scored some goals, but. Really been the Harry Kane that Tottenham Harris come to love over the last few seasons. You had lamelo scoring the seventy six th minute and Anthony knock aren't scoring in the ninety. Third for Brian Hove leading at Tottenham starting eleven, and this one you had Cain up top more. Eric's son playing in behind him. Then belly and dire as the middle two and then rose Alba wailed and the trip in the back four with is a nigga school playing keeper there. They'll l. e. came off the bench. She's been off injured for last few couple games. Lamella coming off the bench and scoring and no one else coming off for Tottenham. West Ham actually came away with decent result, believe it or not. West have been absolutely terrible to start the season, but did well enough to hold Chelsea to a nil nil draw Chelsea at seventeen shot. Six of them total on target should have done much better, but Westhampton. Well, here, looking at both teams starting eleven's Michael Antonio and Felipe Anderson is the front three, Mark noble Declan rice and Pedro being in the middle with Pablo's Valetta fame about Buena it's the up and Arthur Masuku in the back four with Bianchi playing keeper. They gonna Chelsea's starting eleven. You had hazard route and Williams top kovic Georgina Conti in the middle and the Marcus Alonzo. David Lewis Ruediger as really quit playing in the back for along with our is bala- laga playing keeper for Chelsea, Gary k HALE Ross Barkley and Murata. Coming off the bench rods have been huge disappointment at. Chelsea. I think we all greet then for the final match of the Premier League weekend, you had arsenal going to make its Everton Arsenal handled business here as they should have better check actually did well in this one. I mean six saves three saves from within the box punch out. I still think Leno needs to be the keeper. But I mean, I'm not going to continue to complain about it. They're gonna. They're starting eleven lock up top above Yang Ramsey Zil on the back and shocker in the middle, and then Rian Mustafa Socrates and Nacho Monreal there who came off the bench for arsenal. Well back it will be an rob holding, no when doozy in this one, but arsenal didn't necessarily need them. Arsenal got goals from lock Annaba me what a crazy concept when you start both of them together..

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