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And manslaughter charges in the death of George Floyd after he was seen on video kneeling on Floyd's neck during a May arrest. Governs. Conditional release on bond follows four months in prison and means all four officers charged in Floyd's death are now no longer in custody, Court records said. Shove it is due back in court in March. He has not yet entered a plea. But his attorney is blame Floyd staff on fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. In a statement, Floyd's family said shamans really shows we are still far from achieving justice. Aaron Carter Ski ABC News in time or details have been released in the investigation into the shooting death of Briana Taylor in Kentucky. The report shows contact between Taylor and a former boyfriend who was suspected of drug dealing. But the files do raise questions about what led police to raid Taylor's home, resulting in her death following a burst of gunfire. And during last night's vice presidential debate, Senator Kamala Harris proclaims. Justice was not served in the grand jury case with Vice President Mike Pence, saying he trust the U. S justice system. Koven 19 coverage now and half. The people in a new seven country survey say the pandemic has negatively affect their mental health details now from W. B. C's Drew Mohammed. The survey by the International Committee of the Red Cross found that people badly need to be listened to, especially the frontline workers have actually more need for mental health support than average person worries and fears about losing loved ones becoming sick. Or about health systems being overloaded, all play a role. Robert Mardini, the Red Cross director general, says the number of frontline workers reporting struggles is staggering. Three and four survey responders 75% of Frontline workers reporting negative effects to mental Health Mojo on W. B. C. Boston's news radio play along or pay off. That is the idea behind new finds being lodged against people in Natick, who Violate Corona virus restrictions breaking quarantine, for instance, among the list of violations that could set you back up to $1000.18 sunshine Windy 53 here in Boston. A bad decision costs this guy. Ah, big game..

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