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Okay you should because she's very she's wonderful she's worked for katherine katherine rose wilson yeah she's got the jd down she's got the casey she's acting i know so so she did on giving us giving string of glasses the way you have the nails for anyone's to get that open it's what i need did you just get real no no i'm pulling at it where michelle's got these glasses the tag was on the side and the little string that held the tag on elastic still hasn't has an and you had the glasses change from sunglasses to read and the people at the sun got the reading they didn't take it yeah yeah michelle 'cause i do feel like i'm looking at myself not in just the way we look but when we met downstairs by the elevator i had one arm in my blazer one arm the rest of the blazer she's insane i was on a phone call and michelle had her shoes untied unbuckled there's a string coming off your glasses and i see you yes i literally she's on the phone you coming with me yeah okay so deeply and when you look up someone put together in the in the oh here yeah real come here here is all shears you're limited you what we're gonna do poll this here what we're gonna do is we're going to do fifty minutes with your wife then we're gonna put her out in the lobby and bring you in here for fifteen minutes then we're going to bring her in and you're going to be interviewed together for fifteen minutes you got that it i think is gonna make for very interesting part he says he's all down with that all right so you go out there i knew oh my god we're so sorry not on me yeah the lives are always to black alex you think he can hear us out there we taught very loud leaning at me yeah it's not k it's okay you can you're okay well so you were telling us that you met him through san the sunshine band at the upright citizens yes brigades so pollen i met i said kgab brain goo braids debris well and i met he's angry at me i tell you can tell angry with you thing i know but i feel he thinks right now like i should texted i should have reached out as soon as they sat down and we're all our own people i agree i agree it's going to be okay a little bit confused because he didn't know where you work how is he in the lobby and you walked right past i think there's another so i think when i turned right to the elevator i was going used to be represented by this yes so i was going straight in which i think is probably where he was when he says yes oh yes that play at that other place i play a lot of people we are at a a management company we won't have a name just be out for legal reasons yeah we don't yeah exactly so out to be here yes no we made some to be a score they don't like don't worry about it so you guys so casey must grow introduce you yes she didn't even have anything to do with the introduction she just happened to be up with used to do a sketch comedy show casey affleck and i rode hard and put away okay we were performing at the upper citizens brigade and the the artistic director of theater told us to bring in certain like heavy hitters who were performers teachers to give us notes on this show and to kind of guide give some feedback paula's one of those people yes and so when we met he was critiquing my work and yet that was the first time we met as him giving me notes on this show what year was that two thousand four two thousand four and then it seemed like overnight i saw you ever rewire when i when i recognized you the first time then i went back went omega threes girl there's a lower the place i don't even remember where the first time was because she's.

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