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Election Day, Fraud, Democrats discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class


Thirty thirty election day with november eighth 1898 and the day itself came with plenty of rumors and fear but not a lot of actual violence in the final count democrats gained more than eleven thousand votes over the previous election some of this game came from low turnout among black voters due to intimidation and threats including employers who threatened to fire any black person who voted but some of it was due to fraud for example the first words fifth precinct had three hundred forty three total registered voters three hundred thirteen of whom were black but six hundred and seven votes were counted four hundred fifty six for democrats this was in a precinct that according to registrar abram fulton there were no black democrats the count in this precinct was also interrupted when a crowd of men described as strangers showed up and put out all the lights get once once the people who've been counting votes got back inside one of them went home because he was terrified like obviously the votes had been tampered with like the there were way more votes cast than people in the precinct and specifically way more votes for democrats than there were a lack registered voters who were overwhelmingly republican south kind of stuff that's going on on november ninth the the uae wilmington messenger published the election returns that morning along with a notice that ran under the heading attention white men this notice summoned white men to the wilmington courthouse at eleven o'clock that morning a large group gathered there as instructed and alford what l read a document known as the white declaration of independence sometimes you will see it as the white man's or the white man's declaration of independence this document had been drafted by the secret nine has a component of their coup.

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