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What kief do? He is. Just. He embarrassed himself from start to finish. When he got voted out, and he said under his breath. Now, good luck with challenges without me and Kelly Wentworth roles are is like what? I mean, that's just classic. I mean, he's he's horrible. Social doing was too young to be out there. Randy. Obviously because he hadn't learned swim yet. And is Rima like an Olympic swimmer. Why was renamed coaching qualified is a nice lady. She's like she this. You know, how to swim? She's like. All right. Chris first thing don't use your nose. He jumped in the water. Don't pull win. Whereas on me. Kick you out of the pool. You know, I guess I guess if she could. If she could swim like fifteen feet without taking a rest, she's qualified coach kief. But what about when you were in good bone? Would you have been okay? With having to climb up a flight of stairs to get some REIs. Sure. Sure. That you're gonna have something about swimming and every day in bone, Charlie Marcus, and I and grin would come..

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