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He tried the conversation Wherever you get your podcast Sean and P. J Want to give you an update is the other game going on and finishing up Miami's lead, which was once 20 was knocked down the two after a Malcolm Brogdon three point field goals to 21 to go The Pacers haven't scored 61 20 to 1 12 Miami up by eight trying to go up three games to none. 23 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. We'll keep you updated back to you guys. Never sleep on the heat in Indiana's without Sabonis. I mean, I get it, I get it. I thought that anymore, but I thought it would be better to had soft in Miami. They're playing extremely well. They played well in the bubble. Since they've been here. They've looked impressive. I did think Indian. I thought it would be a much more competitive Siri's than it's been so far. 4.4 shot clock here for the thunder 65 rockets. This is the left sideline left, Gil just Alexander to throw it in again on our front door left 32. Head. Big bounces once left fires for three. It's wide left off the side of the island. Rebounded by James, We've not seen three go down yet shot coming out of a timeout. You're right. Here's house! Crossover dribbles, spins left. Lost the handle briefly resets out harder near the centre Jump circle. Now they're down to eat on the shot, clock hardened steps left him a little space. He sends it over the house steps left. Straight away, Buries the three right on cue. We go out stands the first Rockets one for four. Okay, C o for four from downtown 95 rockets fall with left hand bounce feeds. The low post gets turned Hook No. For Steven Adams. That's good entry pass by Chris Paul and a little baby hook. Steven Adams usually makes thunder to 10 from the field. Hardin Wing right. Three. Barely glance of the rim rebounded by Adams sends it ahead of Paul. I thought they were gonna go with a little pace. You're now Paul slows up there in the halfcourt pick and roll with Adam's step back Jumper foul line for Paul didn't get the members bounce hit the rim three times wouldn't fall and remains 9 to 5 balls over one Hearted into the lane. Swing swing at the left angle carvings in through three is too hard off the rim. Check that Jeff Corinne just checked in about 32 33 mixed up more on green moment through the left elbow. Broken line, not lose stolen Tucker back to lose heart has got to lose ball trots up the server floor picks it up. Top of the arc used to leave by four. They space the floor here, Mike D'Antoni hardens left, driving the lane Euro step. Reverse lay up good. He used the left hand on the right side around the score. He drove down the left side, then crossed over in front of the basket kind of turned it upside down with a little spin with the left 5 35 to go in the period. Adam's rose on the cut to the rim for guilders. Alexander and it's through his hands and out of bounds. Turnovers mounting up four. Okay, see normally one of the best in the league number four. Turnovers. The team do not want to turn the ball over against the Houston Rockets thunder of turning over 27 times in the first two games of the series, Houston 14 Austin Rivers has checked in for the Rockets. Four already turnovers for O'Casey. Noel is entered, among others, for Oklahoma City and a layup swatted away is gonna be a goaltending on their well. So count that for Jeff Greene, who's second on the Rockets team and scoring this Siri's, and he's shooting 61% from the floor. Jeff Greene, who's on his like 40, 15 rejuvenated Jeff Greene. 19 to go shooter in for his first look, drives the rim layup. No good. He is fouled Ball sails over the backboard free throws up coming true, So Jeff Greene and exaggerated obviously Oklahoma City to start than Boston, Memphis Clippers Magic Cavaliers Wizards Jazz Now the Rockets And you had in his rookie year and I'll tell you what. He's a good player. It's not people. It's one of those crazy situations where people like him, so he's always included are often included in trade. What about Jeff Green? Kind of like him? Just a little bit of everything, but he's been very, very good. So far for Houston and surprisingly, Zoey play. This is only 18 games and now three in the playoffs, Correct Second free throw is good for shrewder. It's 13 to 7 rockets, leading and by the way with green. He also didn't even play in the 11 12 season because the heart condition so in all that Green. Spence was off the outside the heart puts his head down drives into a crowd sends it out and from there, McLemore trying to drive travels with it coming off the three point line. That's one of the calls. The referees are making a lot more this year. When you catch the ball and kind of move quickly. You better have that pivot foot nailed down, supportive emphasis that it's being called a lot more. David Guthrie made the call that time. Rivers with a foul in the last possession is out of top offensive for the rocket screen. Harden on the floor with McLemore for Houston. Tucker's in there as well on the rim. Foul on the shrewder sent it up there for no well to jump off the left low post mismatch on rivers and all rivers could do is follow. Otherwise, it's dunk. City remembers saying something to PJ Tucker, like I need help on that. Normally, teams don't run a lot of pick and rolls against used because they just switch it unless you want to create a mismatch. That's what they did. That time they had no while going to the basket against the smaller rivers. That's why he was opened on the roll to falls for rivers in less than two minutes to play. First feel good for the wealthy MBA on ESPN Radio's brought to you by Capital one. This is banking reimagine. What's in your wallet?.

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