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K five is pretty solid thank thoughts on wayne gretzky hockey like i remember i remember it exists remember the the i played it on ps and most top down i can't hockey i remember the mariela mu on seal still still sound sound great but yeah laurie doesn't have a hockey so the the one real winter like garbage version of it and one of the olympic ones yeah but like where is mary hockey brand like nintendo doesn't sell enough games in canada for that to be a viable thing if i buy that there's not enough people in canada there are enough people in canada big in japan no is it at all japan they had a team at the olympic feel the correction the bills coming in now no i don't believe i would be pleasantly surprised if hockey was big in japan i think correa is a little more into hockey as far as bill i don't think japan like i've never heard of hockey being popular hockey is internationally very popular just not so much in these united states it's mostly in europe and canada wouldn't continue to pour them money into the development of a hockey game at work yeah i mean you know i don't mean that's our casualty though i guess i could say that sarcastically wouldn't continue and continue to really develop that hockey franchise popular of all right i don't know trying basketball that's true all dunk it popular sport all right.

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