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Komo Suzanne Phan reporting the bureau of alcohol tobacco. And firearms says the fire at though, Jehovah's Witness kingdom, hall and Lacey, was arson. This is the fifth incident in a sound sound Jovis witness kingdom hall of this year. Here for a long time. It's been part of our life for a long time. So naturally that would be that'd be devastating. That makes you feel really ill about somebody who has some sort of animosity towards any religion. The alone. Joe witness kingdom hall last year. Fires have been set a churches in Olympia, Thome, water and Hjelm. In addition a gunman fired on the church in Yemen may thirty six thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the fire in Lacey central Pierce county, fire investigators looking into what started a huge commercial building fire early Saturday morning in spanaway fire started at being our auto wrecking just after two nobody was hurt. Police investigating after a fight broke out in a Lynnwood bar. And according to the sheriff's office a group of alleged white supremacist walked into the rec room bar and grill and attacked an African American deejay. Patrick quinn. Picks it up from there. It's almost county sheriff's office told me they're not going as far as calling it a hate crime. But eight men were arrested for malicious harassment. I looked at the state law. Malicious harassment sounds very similar to a hate crime. It's a felony offense for threatening someone based on their race color, creed or religion. Komo was here. Police were investigating an interrogating this group of alleged white supremacists. It all started just before one and fifteen to twenty alleged white supremacists were harassing the Twenty-seven-year-old. Black Jay at the bar. According to witnesses, the group was yelling racial slurs at him. And a fight broke out. When deputies got here, the group of alleged white supremacists were fleeing the scene deputies pulled over one car that had six people inside they were all arrested when PD also pulled over another car with two inside. They and the driver was arrested for day. Why? Now, I'm told the DJ was taken to the hospital with non serious injuries. He is expected to make it. So though wise damaged have reached out to the bar. Our owner. There was surveillance footage from inside. We're trying to get a look at that. I'm also told that investigators will pick up their work on Monday ause, we try to figure out exactly what happened here in the wee hours. Just after one am Patrick Quinn. Komo news. A man hunt in the south sound can't police say they're looking for Jose, m Rivera Cruz is considered armed and dangerous. Can police got a call about a shooting a parking lot at the villa apartments? When police arrived they found a twenty five year old man shot. He later died. Police now looking for Riera cruise is wanted in connection with that shooting. He may be in the south sound area. If you see him DO NOT APPROACH him, call nine one one. Again, he is considered armed and dangerous. Michelle Esteban twenty four seven news. The news you want when you want it on KOMO news. I'm Paul Jackson. After throwing for forty touchdowns and over four thousand yards Oklahoma's Murray,.

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