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This coronavirus is taking a toll on the city's finest a lot of cops who were out sick right now some confirmed with the illness I'm still waiting to find out if they are to be confirmed but the weird side bar police say is thank goodness crime is down in the wake of all this thousands of police officers may be out sick but the NYPD said crime was down twenty percent during the last two weeks of March when the mayor declared a coronavirus emergency that ordered people to stay home there were fewer murders and robberies but the police are paying careful attention to corona virus related hate crimes they generally fall into two categories anti Asian due to the origin of the virus and anti disability due to a perception that someone may be infected since the outbreak the NYPD said there been about a dozen cases were Asian victims were targeted because of discrimination past corresponded Erica Turkey reporting for us tonight and Hey they went ahead and charged that guy who allegedly tried to commit suicide by cop yesterday yep there's the Bronx guy who called the police about four in the morning Wednesday and allegedly told him to come and shoot me police say they got there and he was armed with a knife and what they thought was a real gun turned out to be a power guy but they shot him nine times after he allegedly came after them on B. now Ste police say fifty five year old Ricardo Cardona told them he had diabetes and other underlying illnesses and on top of that he said he had the corona virus and wanted to be shot well today he is a confirm Kerry of covert nineteen police have charged him with attempted assault on a police officer meantime and weapons possession he remains in stable condition tonight over at Jacobi and then this you hear about this over in the Philippines that president Rodrigo Duterte today has warned it locked down violators that is people who refuse to quarantine etcetera that they could be shot on the spot for causing trouble and he says abusing medical workers is a serious crime that would not be tolerated wow went on television and says it was vital for everybody to cooperate and follow home quarantine measures as authorities try to slow the contagion they've recorded ninety six deaths now in twenty three hundred confirmed cases in the last three weeks with infections not reported in the hundreds almost every day as a matter of fact well to turn to a says once again I'm telling you the seriousness of this thing and you must listen adding my orders to the police and military if there is trouble and people fight back is to shoot them dead that he ended it with is that understood I will bury you end.

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