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Louisiana, a refuting claims that officers denied medical care to a black man who died in police custody. And 2020. The family of Tommy MC Cloth and Junior filed a federal lawsuit in connection with his death. They allege he spent 48 minutes in a patrol car alone without medical attention. McLaughlin had three encounters with police on April 5th 2020 the day he died. The lawsuit faults officers for missing son. Means of a mental condition known as excited delirium syndrome. Police admit using a Taser pepper spray and a baton, but they say that they were needed to subdue him. Lawyers representing the police officers say there's evidence they requested medical assistance and that help arrived within 17 minutes. I'm Jackie Quinn, Texas is about to become the latest state to allow people to openly carry handguns without a permit. Michael Cargill owns Central Texas gun works his businesses to train people on how to safely handle firearms. How to shoot know how to hold that you all that stuff? You know, you could be a danger to yourself or someone else. If you don't learn proficiency If you're not proficient with firearms, Texas is about to become the latest and most populous state to allow residents. To carry a handgun in public without permit, background check or training. Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan says the new measure will put police and civilians at risk if you in there with a gun, even though you're a good guy. I don't know that all I know is you're a person with the gun. We're gonna take you down. Texas already allows people to carry rifles in public without a permit. I'm Tim McGuire. AP News I'm to McGuire. Evidence obtained.

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