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Swept down dozens of tents from the officially closed Cale Anderson Park, a move this neighbor supports. I do think that they have the right to shut it down if it got too out of control, some neighbors have complained of smoke rising from illegal campfires here at the park. Police say the sweep also yielded weapons, including an explosive mortar. A hatchet and a machete on Capitol Hill, Corwin Hey, HQ co. Moh newsroom chief. Diaz says that response to 911 calls will be faster on his watch. He says he has consistently heard from the community that people want more officers responding faster to emergency calls. In a memo to the department, he says he's reassigning over 100 officers and supervisors to the 911 response team. Tommy Lee that was shot and killed by King County Sheriff's deputies and Beery in three years ago, And today the department will release a report about the circumstances surrounding the case. Deputies were responding to a call of a man threatening people with a knife. He ran up to my house. He stabbed me. Hi. I'm following a man running on the road with a knife or something. And Lee's family says he was actually holding a pen and that deputy shot him twice in the back. The report will be released by the sheriff's office this morning at 9 30, with the family holding a press conference a couple hours later coming up here on the CO Mo. Morning news. Going after the biggest player in the East cigarette business. I'm Carleen Johnson, our state about to sue Jule. Potato. Four. First, Let's get back to Kira Jordan for a coma Traffic update Working with the crash on the shoulder in federal way north and I five approaching highway 18, causing about a mile and a half. Slow down there now to a new crash on the shoulder South found 95 south of 44th coming out of Linwood. That's on the left shoulder that Dr It's really been dragging from 405. We continue to work with a long term serious crush and Kent. This is on 68 to 28th and a good portion of the intersections been blocked. The heaviest backup's going to be travelling north found with delays that air starting just north of West James Street, north five, also slow through Tacoma City Centre, the Seattle Dr busy from the north end of Boeing Field to the convention center. Often on slowing north bound 99 from the First Avenue South Bridge toward the west Seattle Bridge Scattered flowing north 167 out of Sumner into Pacific busy around highway 18 and crowding approaching four or five North found four or five is quite slow from that Valley Freeway into Newcastle. Our next Cuomo traffic up 8 14, now from the Coma forecast team, here's meteorologist Kristen Clark. I don't know about your backyard, but my lawn is looking thirsty. August ended a good half inch below normal with rain and the dry weather turn is expected to contain. You threw at least the first.

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