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89717243 Larry elder relief factor dot com Studio. I mentioned yesterday. I think it was a Jack Kennedy John Kennedy for President Kennedy. In a book called Dark Side of Camelot, written by a former Your Times writer named Seymour Hersh, an investigative reporter. Says that JFK refer to African countries as Boogie Republics and threaten to send a diplomat to one of them who had crossed JFK at one of its other assignment if he keeps it up, often him to one of the bookie Republics in Africa, he said. Going to see more her style. Is that like calling them s whole countries That's similar to that ours at about the same or is that words are where would you put that in this thing on Now I want you to be sure. And check out excerpt from my show every day. Just go to our new YouTube channel youtube dot com slash the Larry Elder show radio. Having difficulty finding a last No. Youtube dot com. Forward slash the Larry Elder show radio, right? And I've got some good news tomorrow. We're gonna have on Tom Soul for the entire hour. Tom. So the brilliant economists and writer a demand that David Mehmet, the playwright referred to as America's greatest contemporary philosopher. More on that in just a second, but first, Cynthia He's in Houston, Texas. Cynthia Urine Valerio to show Thank you so much for calling. Um, I have just two things to say I am asking America and I'm not a big deal. I don't believe anybody coming. Anything. I have worked for what I have, and I will continue to do so high ever. Yes, because I find some things in this country wrong and I'm willing to work to change them. Excuse me, doesn't mean anyone can tell me if I don't like it Go somewhere. My answer to that is my people. I've put in the time in the trouble. For me to be here. And I'm going on in there. Man. If that's a problem for you. Then that will be your problem. But you will have the privilege to tell me what to do. I'll decide that. Second. I don't see how an African American male Can support a president who tweets white power. He didn't eat. He didn't tweet white power. He read it. He retweeted what somebody else, said Askew. Me finished, please, as this person was in a golf cart being told F Trump F Trump because this person had trump stuff on his golf cart, and he said, in my opinion, Cynthia, he said, white power to get them angry. That not because he's of white two premises but to get these people angry. And in my opinion, they didn't deserve to be treated with respect. I don't care about the people. You're missing my point. No, you're missing my point. You want to say that Donald Trump is a racing because he retweeted somebody say white power and what I'm telling you, is he retweeted something that he deleted because people like you accused him of being racist for having tweeted it. You know what I'm saying is, I don't know what these races and I have have a relationship with him to determine what I am saying as president. Then why did you mention he retweeted the white power thing If you don't think he's a racist if you let me finish my statement what I was trying to say work as president of the United States. You're held to a higher standard. And so before you retreat, something what you should do. Listen, it is not becoming of the office. OK? Not fair enough. Fair enough. Hold hold on to a higher standard. I think when you're president, you shouldn't say. If I have a son, he looks like he looked like tray Von, I think you ought not say the Cambridge police acted stupidly. There are lots of things that Obama said that I don't think presidential Obama's not the president. Can you Republicans see that he's not the president? Not bottle bomb. You see Cynthia? It's about double standards. It's about inconsistency. Did you get upset when Obama let me finish? Did you get upset? When Obama said If I had a son, he looked like Trayvon. Sir. It's a lot of things Obama get. I asked you a specific question. Did you get upset when Obama said If I had a son, he looks like Trayvon. No, but I see. So that didn't bother you Will. It bothered me, Cynthia? He injected, injected race where didn't belong, and George Sr was found not guilty by a jury that said, race never came up. There was a black alternate, he said. Race never came up and had he been on the jury. He also would've found George Freeman not guilty. So in my opinion, Barack Obama did something irresponsible by saying if I had a son, he looked like tray Von when he was upset about that, you probably weren't So I'm gonna move on Cynthia Cynthia. Thank you very much for calling. I appreciate it. I'm not a victim, and no one could tell me where I could go. If I don't know why. I didn't tell you where you used to go somewhere else. You have to leave it Go anywhere else, Cynthia. My goodness. I'm a bad guy because I support Trump. And you mentioned that Trump retweeted somebody who said white power, But I'm not saying Trump's a racist, Then why bring it up? Please. Course you were. Triple 8971 s Cynthia's calling from Houston. When I come back, I want to tell you what our pastor in Houston said about all of this stuff. It's really quick start is like a trial packet could be at your door in a couple of days. Let's face it getting older exercise and just everyday living can create pain..

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