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But again we Wasn't anything here before right right. Yeah we were here. We also knew how to grow and takeover ourselves rick just another great example of moving moving moving things forward ricky ricky boy all right. Here's a link where you brother. Thank you Next gutter up just around us out here for this episode Title reads indigenous lawyer name nominated as listener of the department of interior. Here we go. This is by Alina bokova for native news online and the article goes on to say out of washington. The department of the interior announced wednesday. That robert anderson of was from boys fort band of the minnesota chippewa tribe has been formally nominated as solicitor for the department of interior. He has served as interior principal. Deputy solicitor since january tenth of twenty twenty one anderson's nomination has been transmitted by the white house to the united states senate. The interior department said in a statement anderson working as a law professor at the university of washington for twenty years and is an also directed. Its native american law center. He's been The indian nation visiting professor of law at harvard law school for the past twelve years anderson is a co author and editor of the of the leading of federal indian law treaties. Quote cohen's handbook of federal indian law. A know it. Well and co author of a leading textbook on american indian law and anderson has also published many articles in the fields of natural resource law water law and american indian law. Love to have him. There would be awesome bob. Anderson has extensive legal expertise. This is a quote with regards to native american tribes public lands and water all of which will help advance interiors mission to steward america's natural cultural and historic resources and on our nation to nation relationship with tribes in accordance with the spirit and the letter of the law is a thoughtful entrusted senior member of our team at interior with my deep co With my confidence. And i look forward to his confirmation process close quote said interior secretary deb jalan anderson served as the associate solicitor for indian affairs and counselor to the secretary. Under secretary bruce babbitt during the clinton administration. He began his career as a staff attorney for the native american rights fund. Beautiful where he practiced law for twelve years. He also served on the transition agency review teams for president. Elect obama and president-elect biden raised in a small town of ally in northeastern minnesota anderson received his law degree from the university of minnesota. So in other words guys he comes with receipts all right. We couldn't have been a better pick unlike like the picks during the trump administration There you go okay. Thanks for posting. That brother Loved new image too by the way. Oh thank you would water near. Yeah yeah so. He comes with receipts and got. I'd love to sit and talk with them for about an hour on things like oh indigenous rights relevant to maritima as a starting point. That would be great. So i look forward to his confirmation. That would that would be great right. My bag is empty. I don't have any anything to add the. I didn't have any comments on this particular article. Because i think he was the right pick. I agree with that without a doubt that out. Good stuff good stuff for sure yes. My bag is empty as well. You guys and thank you again very much for hanging with us here on this saturday saturday edition as we wrap up episode..

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