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Still kind of running the show, so topdog because when he was he's in, but you talked about the, the show he's doing. Yes. He's consulting sports station. So he wants to get the land, and he got a ticket for game four, I think it is their bud. Yeah. Game four then four and Carolina of the Eastern Conference final of the National Hockey League. Yes. All right. So that's where he'll be time inside the arena. You know, it's funny the last time that I ever talked to anyone not the last time I talked to anybody inside of an arena, but it was a very exciting moment in my life. When for the very first time in my life, I called a friend of mine from inside of a stadium sitting in my seat. Up to this point that you can just get to a payphone, right? This was in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and I was in Detroit at the Pontiac Silverdome for the Lakers in Detroit Pistons, and I don't know which game it was. If memory serves the Lakers got blown out, but they wound up winning the series, and it was the third of three Pete. I believe that was the third leg of their three peat. Having said that I was in the stadium and I had one of those little brick phones. Oh my God. The old big the big gray phones. Yarrow's things invaded belong to the military something pretty much won't say how much they weigh, Missouri. They were they were heavy. I'm holding this thing. You do in Philly Phil's got his hand up in the air. I'm imagining the phone in my hand, but. I call a friend, Dan. Because I well, you know, I got this phone I can call anybody. I want, you know, it's not attached anything, there's cable. There's no, I consider my seat. And what I did was I worked by way, all the way up to the very highest level of the Silverdome. What they've done is the silver dome. Had had quartered off the they put a gigantic Kurt in the middle of the stadium and turn it into a basketball arena. Now I imagine they had some kind of a basketball arena in Detroit in those days, but this was because it was the NBA finals they needed they needed a larger venue or something, but, I remember being very strange to sit in this gigantic football stadium half of it curtained-off this gigantic curtain, and then there's the temporary grandstands setup the grandstands when the curtain was right. Yeah. At that end and I don't understand what do you mean giant curtain? They had to cut the silver dome in half to accommodate the to make it look like it wouldn't be just some big gigantic. Cavern. In of, of a basketball arena. Also the used one end of it. Yeah. Yeah. So it didn't look like they're you know, there's nobody sitting there. Yeah. But, but as it turns out, as it turned out. The television coverage of the game, obviously was fine. They covered the the crowd there. But if you went up higher on those seats, you could see, they were empty because I don't know how many people had they had they coulda had twenty five thousand people, which would be a massive crowd for basketball game and still not be able to see all the people they needed to, to make it look good for TV so they had to be careful the TV angles because you don't wanna make it look like it, you know, there's no one at your NBA final that you're paying God knows how much money to the NBA to cover the, you know, for the rights to coverage so that having been said, I wanted to get the hell away. And so I walked all the way up to the very highest. Level the Silverdome, and I found my way into a new oppress box that wasn't being used because it was a football press box or something it wasn't obviously being used because they were having a basketball game. And all the press was courtside. So I'm sitting up there and there's nineteen TV monitors..

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