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Now with like tiktok. Instagram mean pages podcasts. Like that's like the future. It's just yeah yeah. Yeah that's that's like sending we transfer file at that point. I don't know if i enjoy writing letters by hand via like a pen to justify the amount of effort that i put into it and so i'm just approaching it as a business person. Like what is it gonna give me the biggest return of investment here. Do you like it like no one can take that away from you. I'm being me. Because i'm an insane person and we'll get to this later but i want to do it all the just doing tiktok beyond just the puck. It's not enough for me. I need live. And that's the only way i can really achieve happiness and so it's a sickness. I think yeah. I would agree. I i always think of standup as like you know. That is the The the mixed martial arts the toughest form of comedy I don't even know if that's true or not been my mind is i think it's very true in the harder like raw is very as and i would say for sure if there was if i had never done stand up i would never i would not be here i would not be. I wouldn't have these things that got me into the thing it's just like it's like the punching a rock one hundred degree tough calluses and i wouldn't be able to do a funny tiktok not that i do that often but i wouldn't be able to do it at all out. Stand up here. One hundred percent agree with outstanding. I mean that's why. I have no regrets about doing all that stand up because translates well into the podcast format know how to speak in a certain way to be engaging but i will say that another aspect of stand up is when you don't do it for a while you notice how toxic the community is leading up. And now that i don't do it anymore go on. I don't use instagram. That much. And when i go on instagram and i'm like there's just so much fucking rampant narcissistic personality disorder. That is where you're in the thick of it. Everyone else is doing it so you start drinking from the kool aid. You're like yeah. I'm gonna post a fucking hot selfie of myself and shoehorn some half ass even funny caption. Because that's what people want right. And i'm like help. No one is asking for this. This is what's really going to get the notice you. I feel like all of us. Keep saying stuff like fuck fuck. Do one of us gets really quiet because we all do. We play a game called like comedian or instagram model. And you wouldn't even know. Because i love i love. How rica median. I've done it myself. Where it's almost like from years two to four in their career san journey they assume this persona. I'm hot comet does it. Yeah and they're always not that hot somewhat. I remember we were talking about. That was like me. That's part of the joke. Because she's not hot. And you're like no. I don't think that's what she became. And she's mediocre. I'm also glad you're here because we're the can't believe i have to say this. We're the we're two of the more popular. Most popular comedy feels weird to say. I swear to god. I sometimes actually think no listened to us and that our numbers that we get from our platform is just made up government. It looked like you know and we actually are only reaching ten people in the philippines yell all these other people but you know the other day i was at a show and the the host was like man you know. I hear you're doing great. You know you and fumio podcast. I'm so happy for you guys. Also though hey man feeling asian. You know they're really killing thing. Going for dating was like you guys like fighting. Or he said he said. Are you guys fighting for supremacy for asian comedy while we're like to a yakuza versus other cuckoos bobby lease in la. Like who the fuck is exactly so. I don't know if you have you anyone come to you and said that because i do think it does come up for us. Somebody asked me a comedy central to get somebody did bring me up once as the host of asian. Not gonna tell you but she college is and she was not white so home just like messed up the name. Onto the meeting hosting your. Yeah your apologize. And i was like. Oh it's i was like well that's also a great podcast. I this is what i'm gonna before. Brian says i mean. I will never fucking i will not even even if i did hate you or was comp- competitive with you which i'm not you both. Are mike very close friends. And i respect your podcast and i feel like we're different enough. That doesn't matter. I don't feel competitive. But if i did i would never fuck intel away person. No we're great. We're friends always says the same thing because they smell and like back to the colony masters and be like yes. We can.

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