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Bill Sorenson stage was with last love Collinses at me doing a magic through time bills taught him a lot and the young man stop bill a lot that theater's full of vibrancy. And then after things quiet down for a day or two, starting on Tuesday, September 15th. We're going to start an evening show at the old town. All theater a little bit more like an evening with Teddy Roosevelt. Maybe you have Supper at Ah, Theodore's before, maybe stay the night of the rough riders. We did this last year. There was one night We had 70 people in the old Town Hall Theatre. Not one of those people was from North Dakota. Not one of those people was from Minnesota. They were all from other places around the country. And for each and everyone one. It was the first time to come to Medora. So you know what those presidential libraries come? We're gonna fill in the fall with the bully pulpit. Now, all of a lot of fun Spring activities. A trail system going in on the town Beauty I was at the presentations by the three finalists have been chosen by the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation, which is, of course, a separate Ah, 51 seat. Three. Then in our own Medora foundation, and these designs are awe inspiring. And your listeners can come and see them tomorrow at three different patio presentations to be made tomorrow for 30 Mountain time. The community open houses from Snohetta. From Oslo, Norway, and that's quite appropriate. I think here and there's a little little little Scandinavian flavor to what they're presenting Studio Gang from Chicago and heading Larson from Copenhagen. And the designs, of course blend with the badlands. But there it's about inspiring the next generations of people to come to Medora to be great Americans to dare greatly to think boldly. To care deeply so to meet need time to be in Medora. We've still got all the wonderful entertainments, but we're also looking for the future for what our grandkids might be inspired to do. Signing times, no doubt about it. Jill weakness here, also known as the A world class. Teddy Roosevelt impersonator is Impersonating, you know, nice reprise her. I decided to make up my own word like Kleenex or Q tip because I didn't feel reenactor did it for me because Those are wonderful guys from and ladies who sometimes bring history to life by camping or re enacting a doing a battle re enactment. And for me, it's really what Hell Holbrook does a CZ Mark Twain. We know the writings of Samuel Clemens. But when we think of Mark Twain and flesh and bone we kind of think of how whole bricks Reprisal and I get that from the Constitution. Article two Article one the delegated powers to Congress. They have the issue. They have the ability to issue letters of mark and Reprisal. That's where we can make some of our boatman private years and they can go out. Capture the enemy's vessel and then presented in return for reward. So I try to capture the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt. Miss.

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