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Iowa, United States, Reporter discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Polk County Iowa home to join the state's capital and its largest city, they usually have one hundred and thirty five polling places in Polk County Iowa today. It was twenty eight. Photos in Baltimore Maryland reported waiting over two hours to vote at some locations this afternoon. One reporter with the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis posted this video of a line circling the block after poll closing at six PM. Local time tonight. The reporter says he's been with that station for over forty years, and he has never seen anything like this. Meanwhile amid the ongoing protests and unrest across the country over the police killing of George Floyd voters in places like Philly and Washington DC in several counties in Iowa. They additionally faced curfews going into effect just as polls closed, or in some cases just before polls closed. I mean. For? The state's voting today postponed their elections to today back in March because they hope the corona virus epidemic would be under control by now not only is the epidemic, not at all under control by now these states now face the second simultaneous crisis with these protests and unrest and curfews and many American cities where you're heading out to the polls, and you have to think. How am I going to convince the COPS on my block? Who are trying to tell me? I can't be outside that it's okay for me to be outside because I'm going to vote house this negotiation going to go, who do I talk to? Is this worth it? Should I vote? This all unfolded today. Even as record numbers of voters did not go to polling places at all, but instead we're able to vote by mail. that. It said caused its own problems with the surgeon mail ballots, causing processing delays that may end up disqualifying hundreds or even thousands of ballots, Pennsylvania and Indiana and New Mexico. Thousands of ballots might not be counted if they're not returned by the deadline of noon on election, day. The Republican. Party says it's considering suing to block an extension of the absentee ballot deadline in Pennsylvania. Just like Republicans have sought to block expansions of voting by mail and other states. This is the Republican Party's over strategy for November blocking expanded. Voting, even if the reason there's expanded absentee voting is because of a fatal pandemic that's killed more than one hundred thousand Americans that should by rights. lead us to innovate in ways that have. Have people safely and efficiently vote. Absentee and by mail. However important any individual result is from any individual primary. That's taking place tonight. All these varied places does feel like A. Very dry run for the looming question of whether we're. You know what kind of Small d democracy we're going to have when this is all over, right? I mean our democracy including just the basic infrastructure and logistics voting has never in the modern era, and under this much pressure from this many simultaneous crises, all fan and exacerbated. By a president who appears to relish the state of crisis, who will clearly be all too happy to pile on additional crises in the months between now and the election. It feels crazy to be talking about primary results when we've got you know protests in the streets in dozens of American cities. We've got the president's sticking the American military on the American public. We've got corona virus epidemic. That is still the worst in the world with over one hundred thousand Americans dead. But while all this is happening. We're all responsible for making sure that our fragile small d democracy survives incredibly dark moment. We're GONNA talk about that? Among other things with Senator Cory Booker joins US live next. Embarrassed that I was two miles from that park. And I did not get there to stand with those protesters. Well I'll tell you what donald trump every member of this co equal body..

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