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Keep your dog close at home and away with spot on the world. Is your backyard? Visit spot on colored dot com to learn more. Traffic brought to you by New England Honda dealers. On just want Kelley blue book's twenty nine hundred best buy civic, torture. Twenty thousand miles in their respective classes. For more information, visit kbb dot com. Kelley blue book is a registered trademark Kelly company Inc. Eight fifty three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers doing all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's David on route two eastbound getting word of a crash before the concord rotary on the pike east reports of a deer strike before the westborough service plaza, and then pass that on the brakes from framingham into Boston along the way a disabled vehicle in the left lane near the beginning of that backup by the Natick service plaza expressway northbound is full backed up end to end Braintree to Boston lower end of ninety three is heavy in both directions through Randolph and Braintree one twenty eight northbound is heavy and slow from route one past the pike and along the way, a crash by Kendrick street in Needham, ninety five northbound, busy, getting by route four ninety five, and then heavy and slow route one to one twenty eight twenty four northbound hung up from Harrison boulevard to the lower end of ninety three north of town. Four ninety five northbound heavy much of the way Littleton through lull. Southbound slow massive pass route ninety three David Streff, Lino, WBZ traffic on the threes. Davar has a four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Brought to you by Toyota's official website for deals, buyatoyota dot com, and good morning..

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