Seth Godin, Bia Lynch discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu


There's a very famous phrase when the cat's away the mice will play and i remember i used to live in accordance with that and win my bosses were gone whoever that boss was and there have been times where my boss was essential employees right nobody's looking or my boss back in the day a traditional boss and when they were gone it was like i can relax let me tell you right now if you have the instinct to relax win the people that are supposedly watching you are away you don't have the intrinsic motivation that you need in order to see something through i so want to build this fucking studio for my own reasons it's inside of me nobody has to tell me and you don't have to own a company to get that but like seth godin says bia lynch pin you don't have to be an entrepreneur but everybody to really enjoy your life there should be something that you want so badly that it's worth going after to me that's that is fulfillment that there's something that is hard it's hard to obtain but you believe in it so much and it gives you so much energy when you pursue it that you're going to go after no matter what build that thing into your life man like go experience enough stuff so that you find that thing that's interesting enough to you that you're really going to go in double down and get great at that that's why seth godin causa lynch pin an artist it somebody who regardless of whether or not the cat is heir to watch the mice the mice are being diligent they're working hard because they want to feel like an artist when they're by themselves they want to know that they're thinking of solutions pushing themselves improving their capabilities all of that.

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