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I'm not trying to kill everybody's hopes and dreams here some people would say hey you're being negative let's be positive it's the most positive thing you can do but you have organized die rected overlord control sherve ailing everything you do controlling everything you do admittedly two then take control of the environment to engineer a post human world now again back when i read that steph twenty five years ago it was only in very elite journals then a decade ago tasha it's already longer go eighteen years ago bill joy says the future doesn't need us he goes to this big tech conference two hundred plus tech owners bunch of millionaires and the consensus is what do we do with the technocracy and do we just kill everybody there are just let them like basically wally lay around a system and have robots take care of them said the decision was we're gonna kill you shop this is not a cnbc also an article business insider sixteen parts of china are now using skynet that's not the terminator number i told you the pentagon had a plan and i put it in my book the tyranny two thousand two i said there's a global grid of cameras and satellites that will track everything you do in real time read my book and they call it sky net sky net condition you are these movies and the world federation of scientists got a secret document in two thousand they reclassified at the request of the marine corps the main plan is wants the world governments put in place that they allow humans to live it will only be in virtual reality eventually kill you an upload your brain or they're going to put you in a tank at birth and your heat will power that's the matrix no the matrix is them conditioning you and preparing you and i know this sounds insane they're insane i'm not the one doing this i just warn you know the frogs are sterile d another third of those that aren't sterile or gay homosexuals the word new scientists used a decade ago but they don't want you to know that so they just say go says the frog.

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