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Sacrifice our lives for education to get you a better life to send you to these Ivy League schools and all of a sudden hope that you can cash and you don't care about us once you leave you. Don't care what your teachers you don't keep in touch and wondering about us and so it's a really good speech and you can tell. He's deathly becoming unhinged. But it's an important point. I mean. Listen pay the teachers right. We all know that we always educators. Were paid more. I think after what this country is going through more than ever we God do not take the teachers for granted definitely. Yeah and even though we need to take care of. Our teachers is embezzlement the answer and I think that's what we all need to ask exactly. Well set all right. This reviews primarily more of Joe. Because he's seen more than I ever have but I finally got around to watching Shallow Hal. Just as I've been telling you I tried to go through some old Jim Carrey movies I'd never seen before. I love the fairly brothers. I think there's something about. Mary should be nominated for best picture that year. That's what a great comedy that is nine. Hundred Ninety eight. I might be even bigger fan of kingpin which is of course. Wonderful me myself and Irene watched again and I remember at the time. It got mixed reviews. I think it's very good and of course green book which Peter Fairly did not bobby. I won best picture. I know it got pilloried by some but I thought it was an excellent film so shallow. How my aversion to it or reluctance to watching was another huge Jack. Black Fan I find it to be kind of noxious guy retire. Vcu On screen. I I just don't think he's funny. So that's why I hadn't seen the movie and be perfectly blunt not crazy poetry weather. I know I don't really. I don't really her screen presence as alluring as others. So that's why I had waited through this but thankfully to actors. I like a lot. Jason Alexander plays the sidekick role. Did Not know that. Just as didn't realize Jennifer Aniston played the love interest and Bruce Almighty and JOVITA rally. Who is so great analyzed this? He's in the movies. Well he's playing the father of politics character so the story is this in case you've never seen at Twentieth Anniversary Shallow Hal. Next year the story revolves around. How Jack Black who take his dying father's advice dates only the embodiment of female physical perfection. But that all changes after. How has an unexpected running with self help? Guru Tony Robbins. By the way how huge Tony Robbins. Gigantic in the movie hands are huge. Head is big. I mean just just just suffering from gigantism. In addition to having a ton of money intrigued by how shallowness Robbins hypnotizing him into seeing the beauty. That exists even in the lease physically appealing women by the way to crush. Tony Robbins very popular. Anybody who's saying loves him but I'm just saying huge huge man. So that's the story and the first half think is particularly funny. Because you know Jack Black's looking at this woman play by the Potter who is just enormous to everybody else. She's obese. She's literally break and chairs. I mean she's crushing double milkshakes. And it's all right but he's completely raptured by her and one of the funnier scenes is when Jason Alexander who's also similarly shallow when he first sees her and he's just like are you kidding like how could you be so in trance by this woman but of course if you're fat you're skinny in his eyes and by the way really hot it goes the other way as well which is even funnier. So it was. It was attractive. He thinks they're like a troll ultimately the jokes. Where after wild? But that stretch much like Bruce Almighty. What's he gets the powers that's the funniest part of the comedy one shallow? Hal is at first falling in love with her. That's the funniest part of the comedy. The second is slow down a little bit. Then it gets a little bit preachy. Okay what is love have and of course Alexandra? Fives Tony Robbins. He has to reverse the curse. Neil the ending. Obviously no one's really going to buy but you know these movies are coming with that but ultimately I thought it was all right. I'm going to give it probably two and a half maple leafs. It was not peak fairly brothers for me. I would agree with review from Neil Smith. Bbc Dot Com. How Larry imparts sickeningly sentimental and others? Shallow Hal has the fairly trying to expand their range with only mildly successful results. And one more here from Derek Adams of time out. The film is not as funny as their best but fascinates in the discomforting four grams of brothers normally buried. Fassel moral dialectic. And if you know what that means. Here's Joe with more shallow. Hal and I was so curious to get your take on this movie just to see how it holds up. I really liked the fairly brothers overall. And when they hit they hit dumb and dumber kingpin. So I'm glad to see that it's still funny at some parts but it just. I don't know if I can still revisit it just just for that. You know what I mean. That's a perfectly well suggestion I saw at once. I'm glad I've seen it now. It was amusing like it did the job right reverend quarantine. I need a couple of laughs. I had a few laughs. Alexander by the way disturbing ending with the fact. He's got his own issue. The fact is a tale. I'm still horrified by the entire scene. That was just disgusting. I did not need to physically see that. I would have loved to have gone out of the Todd. Mccarthy of variety by the way with a relatively untested black coming in office strong the lack of direct finesse. Let's the enterprise down creating some clunky scenes and dead air relapse Expected Harsh Review there from todd McCarthy so that is Shallow Hal I will get to a couple more films here and then we get some entertainment news. And we've got a special guest by the way did even mentioned Eric. Roberts that's right Eric Roberts guys. Hollywood legend been in so many movies. He's in a new film called inside the rain which is on Amazon. Encourage you all to check it out. So we'll get to Eric Roberson. Just a second couple more movies in the heat of the night. I know shame on me. I'd never seen an African American Philadelphia police. Detective Virgil Tibbs. Sydney puts is arrested on suspicion of murder by bill. Gillespie Rod Steiger the racist police chief of TINY SPARTA MISSISSIPPI. After tibbs prove his own innocence. But that of another man. He joins forces with Gillespie to track down the real killer. Their investigation takes them through every social level. The town with tibbs making enemies as well as unlikely friends as he hunts for the truth the first hour of the film I mean. It is literally crackling with racial tension. I it is excellent and it still holds up today. Think about this. The Voting Rights Act in America came out in nineteen sixty. Four in the heat of the night was released in nineteen sixty seven and the film is taking place in Mississippi. Now I don't need to be a black man living in nineteen sixty seven to know. Hey just because the voting rights act came through sixty four. Not Everybody was going to be supportive of people of different races and different colors and the movie nails the fact that at that time it was still incredibly racist and incredibly distrustful of outsiders and especially puts his character who is so polished and so smart and ingenious. Improves that very quickly? As you pointed a couple of flaws with Rod Steiger and the Police Department and what? They're trying to do in trying to ascertain who the killer is I. I was impressed by the way they were able to nail that and of course I give credit to Norman Jewison the great Canadian director. Who's made a lot of films about racial injustice the hurricane with Denzel Washington? Another one that comes to mind but he certainly taps into that. And you've got I mean just stellar performances puts the scene that you all know comes in about twenty minutes earlier in the movie steiger literally dropped a couple end bombs already on them and after. Portia told them. Listen My name is Virgil tibbs. I'm a police detective. He Goes Virgil. It's a funny name for an N. Word like you. What do they call you in Philadelphia? And that's where he says they call me Mista tabs which is a tremendous line. That's the most famous part of the the other part. Though also incredible. He goes to question someone because now he's just passing through town visiting his mom they arrest him. He obviously didn't do it but he's actually a cop and they realize he's actually smart. Hey can you hang around and help US solve the case? They call his boss and Philly. He says all right help them so when he goes to investigate somebody and he in Steiger have an uneasy alliance and like they like each other is doing the right thing here because he knows if he doesn't help solve the case eight gets in trouble with his boss but be there's a woman who wants to K- sold at the cases and get salt to her satisfaction. She's going to move a plant out of the city and the plate is responsible for a thousand jobs five hundred of which are black people and the woman specifically says no. I want the I believe she says in the film. I want the Negro on the case because she goes clearly he's the one that's smart and knows what's happening so you have reluctant cop. He goes interrogate a guy and at one point. He asked him a question. And the guy slaps ports put his slop some right back and like Oh my God. This is one thousand nine hundred sixty seven deep South Mississippi and the guy of course takes umbrage at looks at Rod Steiger's characters. Did you do see that like you're gonNA report that and Steiger again doesn't like poetry but he can't just shrug is I don't know we'll figure it out. And the way the white man just as virulent racist looks down on poetry boy loud locked up for hitting a man like me. Well you know what the times are a changing. There's also a scene where a bunch of racists young guys are literally chased inside deportees. They can abandoned warehouse and like he's fearing for his life like this is a potential lynching about to happen and Steiger shows up and saves him and that's a really well done sequence in the he the light as a lot of great things going for it. But I'm not gonNA give it four police for the simple fact. The ending at thought was a bit of a letdown. It just feels a little too convenient that way. It comes together and of course you've got to have a scene of reconciliation which is terribly forest puts. It goes back on the train to go back to PHILLY STEIGER SAYS VIRGIL. He says yeah. He smiles at him. Take care of yourself closeup. O.`day smile take care of yourself and the train goes away and you get now. No one's really. By the fact that these guys now respect each other but fi last ten fifteen minutes to me let up a little bit but still a film which was very powerful for its time and still holds up. I'm going to give it three. Maple leaves and Steiger by the way listen puts it for good. Reason is known for it in the night Rod Steiger. You got one great actor. You know another great actor who's going to match wits with him and you know what a good actor. He is obviously on the waterfront. We all know the scene in the back of the car brand new together playing the role of Gillespie terrible racist who realizes the brilliant puts Steiger also is excellent John. Mahoney's review of Hog reporter puts his excellent performance both transcends and lifts the pretensions of the film is shooting earlier mannerisms and projecting a wealth of emotion facial communication want a hail of New York Daily News. It's a pleasure. All too rare to watch splendid actors pitted against each other with equal forces. Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger in the exceptional murder mystery in the heat of the night by the way the title comes from the Charleston which they played quite a bit in the film as well did not know that all right last one for you..

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