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Welcome gene Q.. Review you where. We reviewed the best TV and film the world has to offer and sometimes some other stuff too. The one we back jinking review. What's going on not my long day of travel today but I'm I'm back back in business? Let's I'm excited for this podcast. Hell yeah me too You know real quick I did. I forgot we weren't on. We haven't been given our sponsors initially out so I figured you take a moment right here to shout something out. Maybe you picked up a new guy I can go I I got this. Oh Yeah let me on your that you might you might think. That's a bud light from a previous episode. But it's actually a whole Foods Cherry Avenue it cream soda so shout out You know it was. It was hard for us to get sponsored by whole foods. Because you know they're owned by Amazon now the one on one with Bazo so it's a big meeting. They don't pay their workers. Actually I swear to God this was on. I think this is on an airplane. They had an Amazon ad in their plane. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else. anyways the ad was them them recruiting for their company and it was some woman that was like oh Like Amazon offers like tuition reimbursement for Grad school. Cool Blah Blah Blah and then at the end. She's like I can't believe they're paying me to eventually leave this company. They're so confident. Nobody's GonNa take off on that offer there. Yeah we'll pay for your school. Yeah I know it's it's one of the worst places places to work as net length of warehouses. sweatshop talking all that Shit in the box and move move to that other box but are you back home now grant. I'm back home back in Cleveland and It's not bad you're one of the perks of being a member of the Y.. Though is like you can just hop city hop and then you're like Yo. I have a Y. membership but like you know out I'm out of city and no no problem he'll come on in. Yeah except for whatever whatever reason the the. Ymca's in Indy are really nice. They're like the only gyms downtown That are like of normal size. And they're all nice. There's towels there you know. Some of them have Saunas Nice locker rooms showers are good In in Cleveland onesies or not great. Great no not do great. I mean the the workout equipment's not bad but dude it. They don't have towels. That's like I have to bring my own towel in the pool man knowing your style if they can't provis fucking dowels. Whatever I'm over it it's all good at least you got a place to put that work? Yeah yeah this'll be my first Thanksgiving being away from the fan. 'cause I'll go back for Christmas but thanks given a couple days off first. Thanksgiving right can starts some new traditions. You feel old. Do you like how to make your personal state. Oh Man Religious Celia. It's just rocking it. Man Yeah so were you like a Turkey leg hitting Turkey. But we'll hit. Some is some classics mashed potatoes. Stuffing chicken can maybe have chicken chicken before this new experiences least based experience any of this will be cool doing cranberry sauce. CRANBERRY can always go next year. You know but seller. It's a it's a good thing. Yeah thing you know I was in target buying a bunch of I dunno cooking Shit Pans and and this happened a couple of weeks ago but there was a woman in the dressing room like I was like looking at the shirt hurt their clothing and this one was freaking. Fuck Out She was in. I think I was trying on a shirt or something and she was in. I think she was in the room next to me. I think she was on the phone and she's screaming at the top of her lungs. This is like I don't know crazy easy city urban L. A. Times this this is in the afternoon she's on the phone. You fucking Liar. I'M GONNA fucking kill L. U. Like. I can't believe you did this. Your goddamn mother fucking Liar. He's sobbing to like he's crying and then I think the target lady came by and asked like Oh man is everything okay and like. She switched perfectly. She's like oh yes everything's thinks everything's fine. Don't worry about me really walked away and then just kept on hammering on this person on the other end of the line so AH delayed cheat on. It was literally just sobs with calling that personal liar and I didn't really get much past that. It seems like this could escalate like I don't want to be in the fitting room next to that person. So Oh that was. That was how I got some shit at target. Yeah just typicals afternoon. That sounds fun. I WANNA expected downtown. L. A. TO B. Urban at all though I think it's pretty I mean it's pretty it's more more spread out a little bit Like you you do Kinda get into some pockets You kinda feel suburban ish. Yeah they they try and spread these shopping plaza malls. They're I mean they're not malls. It's kind of like a outdoor space with a bunch of shops and stores. But it's not like it's not like underneath. I know in like Chicago or something. It'll be like targets like in the basement ground in the building or something like no. It's like a Crocker Park sort of thing for this from the from the land for all of our fans familiar with cracker park. I know look it up. Look what are we talking about today grant. Today we are talking about once upon a time in Hollywood. I'm Quentin Tarantino's what is ninth vill. Yes I think it's nine nine film comedy drama film Written and directed by him and produced by Columbia Pictures. And it's you know The only thing I heard about the movie before I saw it was it's about the Manson family is not about the man's family it was very very loosely about the Manson family. It's not about the man's family it's about. I don't know it's about Hollywood. It's once once bonded. Hollywood it's a Hollywood story where Manson makes an appearance. Well Oh he wasn't actually physically making an appearance but the call does. I think this was in my issue. Not An issue but my confusion maybe confusion kind of regret with this whole film. I just went into straight blind. Just I was like Quinton. film Let's let's see what it's about and that coupled with us being a little bit younger and not knowing the Sharon tate guaranteed all the family I had no Russians and I it was pretty important in the film because it's talking about the family and it's talking about the events that occurred with family other people is that important. I think so because the whole point after I kind of did some research afterwards is things happened a lot differently story. Yeah yeah it was a re-imagined nation. You know. He knew what was going to happen. In this film. You would think Oh shit like how are they gonNA show that scene. or how are they going to do that. And I came up until the last thirty minutes anyways but I think you know it's eventually happen like it's in the back you're right because people recognize the name Sharon Tate yes. She's not recognized that I no neighbors neighbors. We were not the ideal the demographics for this bill. I think at one point the only thing I could come up with was like not knowing any of this shit. Oh this movie's all about two you actors. Who are like past their prime? And you know you got Brad Pitt. WHO's like trying to make it back after his successful Westerns? And then you've got this this woman who I guess. She was in the film. I don't know if she was in the film but she's like Oh she's reliving her memories and just laughing with the crowd like Oh. She's wearing her glasses like she did in the film or something. But I don't regardless I thought it was the actual cinematography. It was like always enjoyable. I won't say I was. It was enthralling. I wasn't like wow. This is like this. This is super interesting but like it was very is a very nice film to watch definitely and feel two hours thirty forty minutes. I I thought it went by a lot quicker. I wasn't Mike Boorda ever. Yeah like you said I was I was like. Are they going to introduce like Charlie. Manson.

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