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Catcher being wilson ramos is so weird like there's no better catchers out there yeah i know he's having a good year but like come on man just the catch is the catchers dead beside gary so then pitchers voting i guess i'm looking at predictions right now so it says severing lender sale kluber cold bauer at india's chapman snell paxton to this says that channel will be the only reliever i think that's wrong i think i think tigreen has a shot yeah one hundred percent i guess derive no holder no all the holder hasn't has a case but ten of the depends should be an and social chattering i guess champions i i would like chats miki is an outside case i think point two yards starter i mean when i'm naming these pitchers in front of him he has on his list fuction half house jay happen all star i mean cc has more case over jay half i think i know damn close in the area four and a half unbelievable looking at just predictions here but i mean they're up to date but these years are but both on predicting who gets in judd start i think if i think waiver get saying is like i don't have to work with injury i think he would get in as like he gets the honor being all sort of the play i think in carlow end up making it i actually how about this i think in carlow is going to end up on the final vote mallet wait say again you cut you you lagged for a second i think that carlos going to end up on the final vote out okay could do that final both thing i think but i think they know that that'll well it's either to be five hundred or five pitcher it's like whatever one is short i think jin carla prob i could see the mlb like wanting that because they know that will track a lot of interest to it because he's a big name big market obviously but i think he ended up getting in so i think drugs labor's carlo is and chatman we'll be your at y'all stars i tend to agree there and i think you can see delon have the votes here okay hold on this is from this from july second but kleber is the backup to tell to right now by good margin by four thousand votes didi to start to d gordon so glare will be your backup in my mind gary will be the backup to wilson rama's almost mcken catch my mechanic could catch him mccann's like hundred thousand off let's see al fueled no d is fourth and shortstops with eight hundred twenty thousand votes he's not gonna crack that giancarlo is the backup d h two jd but he's behind by a million votes so yeah you could see i think you're gonna see delon and giancarlo on the funnel vote i think you could see that or maybe just because i think they only you have to same position i believe what do you mean like if you're gonna be five position players know they mix it up one hundred percent today yeah i don't know i'm positive okay so i actually i haven't changed it so i think this is so stupid we're like wasting time on this but.

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