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Police all the local stories that impact our region we have an update on that incident in Bethesda all the latest traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the 8th there is swift water moving across the eastbound lanes of route 7 it's all right here on Washington's top news 24 hours a day WTOP news everything you need every person this is WTOP news it's 852 Congress will consider rolling back an Obama era rule that requires airlines to show the total cost of a when advertising fares Republicans and Democrats on the House Transportation Committee propose letting airlines exclude taxes and fees from advertised fares as long as the full price is available by clicking a hyperlink or through some other way that's part of a bill to reauthorize the FAA for five more years the bill would also make it easier to become an airline pilot spongebob fans there is a change just in time for summer the spongebob popsicle is changing and a lot of people aren't happy about it the popsicle is getting an eye makeover and instead of gumballs it will now have chocolate eyes fruit punch cotton candy with chocolatey eyes there's no way it's at social media hard i believe cannot after 21 years they will replace the iconic gumball eyes popsicle you gotta fix this popsicle isn't saying the exact reason for the change but there are tons of past complaints on their product page from people who got the popsicles that either were missing one gumball eye or came without any gumball eyes at all stacy news we all have a favorite tv show or shows but how much would you pay for a piece of it well brian banmiller has the story a man in dallas is turning his love for television into cold hard cash i'm brian banmiller on business during a three -day auction items from classic tv shows and at the end the collector of these items had raked in more than five million dollars he says his first idea was to create a museum dedicated to tv but when that failed to come together he came up with an auction so pieces the could go to fans who would love and appreciate them items up for bid included the batman and robin costumes worn by adam west and burt ward in the 1960s series they went for more than six hundred thousand dollars the set where johnny carson hosted guests on the tonight show sold for almost three hundred thousand dollars the set from all the in family which included archie and edith bunkers living room dining room and stairwell went for a hundred twenty five thousand dollars and the biggest sale the bar from the tv series cheers which scored the highest bid at six hundred seventy five thousand dollars it's expensive to know everyone's name brian sports yes news at twenty five and fifty five powered by simmons moving people and innovation forward here's frank hanrahan all right let's national's skaters losing up to six after falling at atlanta six to four braves hit two two -run homers off losing pitcher mackenzie gore in the second inning stone garrett solo homer for the nats we'll try to avoid the sweep and get that gorilla off their back tomorrow afternoon oriel's be kansas city six one dc united right now down

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