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And bring in our next guest, Daniel Gawronski. She has been on before she is in Aurora City Council candidates. A mom and also a small business owner stands multiple restaurants and just has some amazing stories. But I wanted to bring her back and have her talk about especially just the importance of local elections here in Colorado, which are coming up before you know it. Daniel Gawronski, Welcome to the Dan Caplis Show. Thank you. Yeah. So good to have you. What have you tell everyone what you've been up to lately? Well lately, I've just been out knocking doors talking to the voters hosting, meet and greets, just, you know, trying to be all over Aurora and talking to voters. Yeah, that's amazing. And, you know, obviously you made this decision that a lot of people don't make to run for local seats. City Council in the city you live in. And as the chairman of the Cord Republican party. We've been trying to encourage people run for these local seats jump in. Can you tell everyone why it matters? Why should they think about these local seats? Whether whether they want to run or they want to support a good person who's running Oh, for that. I would like to turn specifically to a, um, house bill that was just signed into law by Governor Polish something that people don't think about its Senate Bill 21 to 56. Basically what it says, is that Pulis is taking a hands off approach now to our gun rights, and he is turning it over to local municipalities. So your local city councils Will now determine what your gun rights are. And this law states up to damning them. Mm hmm. So if you're in Denver if you're in Boulder And you are a lawful gun owner and you enjoy your gun rights. It's a very scary place for you to be over in Aurora. We're holding on by a thread Christie or holding on by a thread, and that's why I'm in this fight. I refuse to believe that my hometown Is gone and and it's just going to turn over everything to the Socialists. I refuse to believe that it is so important that people start caring about Local elections, getting involved volunteering for candidates and knocking the worst. Absolutely, And this is this is Daniel Gawronski, who were talking to she's in Aurora City Council candidate with US on the Dan Caplis show today. And Daniel, can you I could not agree more with you that these issues are coming home to rest like we have to see that they're not just at the Capitol in Denver. They affect us on a neighborhood level at our jobs with our kids. And I mean, I think particularly one thing I think about when we talk about local gun control that could Really affect people's daily lives like what about all the women who have concealed carry permits? Because they want the ability to defend themselves if they ever needed to. I mean, what do you say to them? Well to them first and foremost, I say I'm one of you and I stand with you. I enjoy my gun, right? I'm a lawful gun owner. You know, I served six years in the military and have have gun training from that. But you know, I have acute field carry permit. And now do I carry my gun? You know, I carry it when I carry. You'll never know I period, but that's the thing I would rather have it and not need it. Did not have it and need it. And Christie this idea this idea that the government is chipping away. At our right and they're doing this methodically doing this methodically little by little as cannot cause too much of a stir, right and for everyone not paying attention, Gun Bill Yeah, that's exactly what's happening. That is why I am trying to make The noise that I am talking to Republicans talking to unaffiliated and to be perfectly honest with you even talking to some Democrats. Oh, yeah, I I firmly believe This is no longer a Republican versus Democrats, you know, walk. We are at war against communism against socialism, Marx, you name it. We are at war, and it is good versus evil. And I believe that good will prevail to those women out there, you know that conceal carry for their safety and their protection. Get involved get involved. I mean, there are moms groups. Anti gun You know that are out there making a lot of noise. One thing I found out the reason that these lunatics Keep winning because they're louder and that I stay no more no more. It's time for us to make noise and to be louder, and we're not saying Look, here's what we say, because we are the true party of choice, Although they think that they are, we are right were saying If you don't want to own a gun, don't own a gun. Oh, sure. If you don't want your time is done. Don't carry a gun. Oh, yeah. But don't you dare tread on me. Yeah, That's what we're saying. You're right. Daniel Gawronski. Aurora City Council candidate 100% with you on that, As I think most women are we want the chance to be able to defend to protect ourselves if we need to, And we certainly don't need Government full of Socialists telling us we can. And I think Danielle what's really important to as we see people right now in Cuba, waving the American flag because they understand that freedom and choice like that is an American ideal. And yet we have people who currently sit on the City Council in Aurora, who really are socialists. You don't even understand that the people you're running against who are Democrats. They don't understand that either. That's why we need people like you. And you know other Republicans who are running in local accounts, City Council races to get elected many people to get out and join them. You can you can you tell everyone where they can find out more about you? Yes. Please go to my website Danielle for Aurora, and that's F o r. Danielle for aurora dot com is my website. You can Sign up to volunteer you can donate you can send me an email. Ask me any questions. Please, Please get involved. Folks. We have got to Wake up and and no more sitting at home. No more sitting on the sideline. There's candidates like myself with the energy with the passion and the willingness to get out there and fight and I will take this on. I will take this head on. I'm simply asking. Get get behind me. Behind me. Yeah, and that's what people need to do is find people exactly like you in their local area. Get behind them if they want to have an influence on what happens in their local area if they don't want Their right to defend themselves taken away and Daniel, I'll tell you this. As I've said here. I get messages while I'm hosting on the capital show, and I do have a message in about you saying, OMG. I love her. So I know your message really resonates with a lot of a lot of Dan's listeners. We're thrilled to have you on today. We're going to we're actually gonna do it again tomorrow. So everyone listening who loves Danielle. She's going to join us in the second hour tomorrow, and I think, Danielle, you sharing your story. I've heard it before. More people need to hear it about why you chose To jump in run for City Council and what led you to lead this charge Defending other people's rights as well. It's essential. I am so happy that we're going to have you back on tomorrow. Danielle Gawronski, Thank you for joining us on the Dan Caplis show. Christy. Thank you so much. Keep up the good fight. You too. You too, My friend. All right, You're with Christie Burton Brown on the Dan Caplis show will bring Daniel back tomorrow and we have to go to a break right now. If you want to call in over the break, we'll talk to you when we come back 8554058255. I want to introduce you. The Thundercats Technology Thunder Cat technology as a premier provider of I T solutions not.

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