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Com and schedule your free estimate today It's 5 ten now and The Rain has been pouring down on the D.C. region for the past two days and persists in flooding on the inner loop of the beltway near river road has led to some big delays and old infrastructure may be to blame Haunting happens on highways near long-term work zones where drainage is poor but there isn't much heavy road work on this part of the beltway in Maryland There have over the years been recurring drainage issues especially in the low spots between the legion bridge and old Georgetown road a year ago every storm led to deep water under Bradley boulevard not far from this latest pipe issue Dave dill dine there the Maryland Department of Transportation has been working through the storms to remove the remaining water and identify the cause of the poor driving conditions there Maryland drivers can expect to see sharply higher gas prices again late next week Yesterday Republicans in the Maryland House of delegates pushed for an extension of the gas tax holiday through Memorial Day but the effort was stopped by democratic members who argued that extending the tax holiday would cost an additional $150 million and hurt Maryland's transportation trust fund where gas tax revenue goes to improve roads highways and bridges The 36 cent a gallon tax has been on pause since last month It's set to expire April 16th Jim Norton is ready to make the nation's capital laugh The comedian will play the D.C. improv from April 14th through the 16th The longer you do stand up the more you hate clubs and you just want to do theaters but the D.C. improv is one of those clubs that you always want to do You don't ever get to a point in your career where you don't want to do the DCM problem It's an amazing room Jim Norton was discovered by controversial comedian Andrew dice clay I was 7 years in and I met dice and he took me on the road with him for three years And it makes you so much of a better comic going up in front of very tough 'cause they were very pro dice audience and they didn't get a crap about me He gained recognition on Comedy Central's tough crowd with Colin Quinn It was more structured in that Collin was the lead and you were talking about topics of the day and but we would just always fall apart into yelling at each other or insulting each other Here are full chat on my podcast beyond the fame Jason fraley WTO news Coming up on WTO a Russian air strike kills dozens of people trying to evacuate eastern Ukraine It's 5 12 The federal government the largest employer in the country encompasses somewhere north of 2 million civilian employees Each year a few tens of thousands of them get fired for poor performance or not showing up for work or maybe they did show up and arrived in intoxicated or abusive to fellow employees but sometimes their let go for arbitrary reasons or without due process Federal drive host Tom temin here most federal employees have legal and constitutional job protections contrary to popular opinion they can be fired but managers are obligated to doing it legally At long last the Senate through confirmation votes has restored a long dormant board of final appeal for both agencies and employees with two out of three of its members seated the merit systems protection board has been getting back down to work after 5 years of dormancy Appeals decisions are starting to trickle out They don't break any new legal ground or set new precedents but there is a fundamental and important principle here in what looks like routine bureaucracy For what that is be sure to check out my column at federal news network dot com Here's a highlight from Bill bender the senior vice president for strategic accounts and government relations at leidos on the DoD cloud exchange sponsored by leidos Everybody's doing more with less and so they're faced with trying to improve their ability to get positive mission outcomes but to do so smart or cheap or faster It really speaks to the Need for Speed and scale Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network search DoD cloud exchange Your mission success depends on the security.

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