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It seems to me that'd be this happened. The people who like albright hate barcelona hated them before the people who hate albright eight him nothing changed. There's no differences there. It never changes which is let everyone go after whoever they want to go after. I don't even understand what yeah i don't even know what's left is particularly to say about. I mean i. I don't know i'm an album is just gonna continue screaming into the void veiled threats do something and then three days later won't happen knows a story will go way. We're going. We're moving on to other stuff often who continued to do his thing and people look get messages every day from people like he said this. This isn't true. He said this. This isn't true so that's the life he has to live. That's fine. I mean you know when you know unless i'm missing something and is there anything else not really. It was all pretty much what you talked about yesterday. The one thing i did find out is that like he's he invited you on his show but he wouldn't come on this show who shops yeah then. He went on k._f._c. right yeah because he because he didn't want to. I mean my feeling is probably gonna go one on one on my show. That's a harder harder situation than me going on his show. I guess he's with his people. I'm and i don't think he you know that's my guess or maybe just like fuck you either way. I sort of like i had an old old enough. This quite fits so i got capone in the thirties during got him got him like we brought him down me and my ban the untouchable so like okay my old buddy my jimmy malone now we'll direst cop and he is like you bring a knife he he brings knife. You bring a gun. That's the chicago way. That's kind of the way i've been more as a numbers guy. At ten on was more of a like an elliott elliott ness wasn't me i was sort of more of a law and order by the books guy okay yeah. My my buddy was attack skies well but we got capone so it's sort of like that right now. It's kind of like yeah. It's like my like. I'm sort of this guy in britain to who you sort of like a double o seven age. I've done a lot of that stuff too. How old are you a forty four okay but that's you wanna see my fucking social security my license. I'll prove that you're right now. Wow no that's not necessary. Just seems like you'd be much older if you got capone cut. What do you mean what what eight years ago seven years ago yes. I'm not the numbers uh-huh so what's your point like two weeks prove. Something have some information fucking stupid. I don't wanna fucking suit. Shut your fucking ass right now all right. I'm sorry i didn't realize crisis so so tedious geez all right. We're doing roman again. Yes can i hear pleas from our friend. <hes> gets roman gets roman here here all you little cock. Goblins have been digging around for some dirt on me. Get roman. Oh wait well. You can all go fuck <unk> yourself deployed on all seven continents helping men of boyd premature ejaculation.

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