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Has bins washed folks a lot of young kids it was it was fucking crazy jesus christ some of the upper management neediest smack the fuck around real talk they really need to 'cause as there's people who pushed to culture there's people who push the movement who push the majority of the demographic of why people there and they need it'd be treated definitely a lot better shot boy aaron levant who is the co founder of complex con i got into him he now runs a company network that dropped my ben baller products including the infamous all gold money counter so yemen VIP doors opened at nine we we had some issues to set up we didn't open our booth ten o'clock at ten four i got noticed that all six collaborative takashi murakami expand baller diamond flowers sold out we talk in less than five minutes y'all and then and in less than six minutes the hundred thousand dollar takashi ben baller murakami flawless flower all white VVS flower sold crazy part is young chinese care about that hundred thousand dollar piece i'm like whoa kid cutty was the only person that got to sos fucking crazy lil yati happened to get a rainbow which is fucking nuts and other three guys is i don't really know the more persons from japanese one guy had murakami tattoos he has a fucking sleeve all the way down his arm like the merck it was she was crazy another guy happened to be a weed entrepreneur someone who owns a wedeman punch other things cran pretty cool so yeah man it was it was crazy it was fucking nuts this was the craziest it's been and this is my fourth time going i it's it's the this is just it's gone so big and there's so many people in there so many actually great events is great panels there's a lotta activation on megrahi's lot of collapse as a lot of cool shit that people wait all year to drop and i kind of my own bubble shouts my team and key pat james and even the people that weren't there obviously jimmy joe ramon smajo squad man of course my cousin steve steve radio anyways so amok in the show just a little bit chopping aaron i took part like two hundred pictures in the first two hours two hundred two zero zero and i'm just is trying to be cool you know just just sitting up takashi looking for me but i was late and i was running around because some people in the upper management or the executive level complex you fucking be just fucking stupid open and i run into ferrall and for elvin nego inasmuch security guards and is entrepreneur and came on stepped up to me and was like yo bro congratulations about everything you know i've known for l. for like seventeen years not fuck i'm known for nineteen years and you you know we've always chitchat here and there he's he's showing me mad love nothing more respect for duties is it i can't there's no word legend is not a big enough word for for for l. but he was like yeah i'm really proud of you man you know you you killing it a senior like i'm watching for far like you know you really level up every year those verbatim that's what he was saying i mean it was like uelmen comment from you and means everything i say to you and he's like congrats on this murakami thing shes dope and i saw tyler's piece and i was like oh shit and of course toddlers how the show tyler it's like the first person shows aset rocky and then he's gonna show fucking you know roy and i'm like oh shit okay so it was like a real crazy moment because he spent take time to say you know like that he was proud of me whatever and congrats and that meant everything does a kind of shit in the there's this amazing coming from ferrall 'cause you know he sees the the joy guide and you know menial needle yet just no words to you ain't gonna save neagle say much you don't know me nigga me whatever he's always just super chill but after that i walked the show a little bit went to go shock my boy from road one thing i like to do is is when i go to a big event i wrote my people's marines right i haven't forgotten a very very very long time might have been a couple of years i know jerry for a long time me and jerry have a weird relationship cool with each other and everything but i think both of us are similar situation like both busy bowl successful both got kids and it's just ah weird thing to catch up sometimes he says i'm the slowest texter i think i'm pretty quick but shit sometimes manages i don't know man i'm sure he has a list of people party's he's gotta do before me whatever but he does look out for me and he did a collaboration with nipsy hustle rest in peace and marathon clothing and he did a toll pass fucking competitive crenshaw hoodie talked about it before but i rep that when you see me in picks because they're all over the fucking i'm wearing that marathon fear got essentials collaboration nutty at a human made speaking of new glad of human may t shirt i got from tokyo make fucking amazing fucking teachers they come in three packs just dope his fuck and there's new brand why i mean i never heard of it before but they hit me up just randomly i don't know what the fuck i just saw pictures these shorts it's our dope as fuck and you know the what the dunk in what did jordan or whatever and they always had like this the what the kobe have you guys know what that is it's like putting together all the fucking the models of every single espy dunk like the one that put the collie huff like the fucking future sure what the fuck was they put them all together and they smash together right so they did thirteen NBA teams and made some what the NBA shorts in there fucking freshest fuck these these things are crazy and you know what another thing too is really important to support asian brands and these guys are from the bay and the asian cats companies call trill uh-huh establishment i think and other ones who cares company i wish to spend more time looking at it but you don't mash show the madla more love than i than anyone ever asked me to i just did sire up those shorts what's in the anti brand the cream ran they gave me some customer air force one's iraq so you know it was dope to represent them you know the hamis hamis in that and went to the road route had a fucking line like they were giving out fucking free popeye's chicken sandwiches dow's craziest fuck mahoney hiroshi she old school homey man essence fam- we had him go back forever he came down in LA i really hate to see jimmy boys and a bunch of people came in LA and i couldn't couldn't talk to him it was just really if you saw me moving i couldn't like if i wasn't taking a picture which who hours like moving and shaking like had securities first time i had won a second time had security like that you know two security guards walking around in house truly overwhelmed i was overwhelmed i was exhausted it was crazy again i took more pictures we did a meet-and-greet at three fifteen at my booth with takashi initiate just got crazy man shot while boy nick aka chronics he's one of i'd say he has probably the largest barrier collect one thousand percent collection in the world i might have my collection before his way back but this motherfucker has has everything there's nothing i can i can't even it's aiming to competition and i shouldn't a lotta people but this motherfucker union want to step up to him like imagine if there was a doodles better than lebron kobe n jordan in all three at one time like that's chromatic when it comes to one thousand percents 'cause he's ridiculous collection are and everything he's just insane korean dude love the debt i didn't have much time to talk to him VVS was in full effect again shocked my esther at madman sexual my family but she showed up in hopefully there's a madman booth both accomplished con next year and vive ESPN's out the people who have the password and was blessed people VS it was just crazy i was was literally out of my mind and cut he hits me up he's like you i just got here yo pull up to my trailer and i was like yes honey get a fucking break so oh i go through cut through everything not fucking all access pass and i go to cutty say what's up we chop it up for a minute start going over ideas about his show and everything else and he has his chains he's super happy motherfucker gained thirteen pounds got training now getting all buff and shit cut he's a different dude right now he's a really good fucking place i love is amazing shot to cut his entire team mantis to dot and just everyone manages his whole team is just show me so much love they all good ask people's cutting make sure i was obviously taken care of very well in a fucking lescot manage such a great fucking guy so i ran up after that chavez with him for like our so had a little private meeting with about thirty minutes with the murakami gone over our future collaborations and takashi was really happy everything sold out you know we're going over new color ways and a couple of things ideas i stole some samples for homey at oviedo commie hoodie i mean beanie and i didn't know i was like okay i wear this man yeah my my hair i feel weird he's again go ahead and he's being cool to me and i've seen commie like kind of snap at peo but he to super cool me but yeah man me and murakami chopped it up again with the whole fucking day damn near and then farley charlie cutting cycle comeback walk this show she documentary i cool let's do it so i go back over to the VIP area artists area star walking we start walking into the arena and bedlam happened like the whole fucking place went crazy like no disrespect to all the yeah the celebrities our there are no l. offset jada kiss tiga can you think there's lots levees there but i mean this shit was like for real we we shut that motherfucker down there was a movie like for real i mean i know they're shooting documentary but it was like crazy like it was just fuck man it really caused chaos it was crazy and people saw me and people call my name and in fact mom jasmine she said she saw me and she screamed my name i don't know what i i don't even know if i was in that that in that crazy law entourage at that point but we got to cut he's booth and it was fucking hotter than motherfucking philippines and that bitch philippines in got a fucking summertime it was like humid schist get crazy in there and we're in the chilling for a little bit and then we decided to move to mer-khamis actual gift shop booth that shit became a mother fucking movie i got some of the most insane pictures from there like i'm talking lifetime memories like shot arcay takashi photographer he took some amazing fucking photos shot too complex and they really they really showed a lot of love i showed love back to but yeah we we we sat there and chopped it up and moore calming gave out some gifts it was fucking super dope to get these gifts so yemen you know went back to to cut he's trailer and i got to just rest up for a little bit i wasn't gonna sit back and just chill spokesman we just relax from back there pusher pusher tees up there because he's going to be doing guest performance in new goes up in their couple of the home he's in shared the band and we all just kicking it in then one of a fucking cut he's real good friends one of his best friends timothy shallow may not posits pronounce his last name but this dude is enormous fucking actor like this this dude blew up he's like the new he's the next leonardo di caprio like he's that level big super fucking cool dude he kept his all your bam baller man yeah you know oh you may cool jewelry and i was like oh you know i am like and cutty start making fun of me it's come on fuck of people know who you are especially if you fuck me and i look over push and i thought about this shit because it's like cut he's you know a making cutty piece we relatively new relationship well known them but like came super we're close in the last year and push is my first client ever the clips was the first group i ever did i never doubt my first client like ever ever and and it was lit selena gomez pulled up backstage is seen her in a minute we chopped up a little bit and it was it it was showtime so mcconnell came backstage he had his team and i can't believe accelerating mer-khamis really sat down a concert like from beginning to end it was pretty cool cutty shows like shit by the hour and change so we get to the stage go up on stage tells everybody to leave somehow well i was okay to be on stage and we work it out timothy went up there and did the intro to man on the moon to win a common does does any memorize that motherfucker does that that'd be shit you know and he just went up there and place fucking crazy and then push came out there to do the intro with him and they did a couple all songs he did a lot of old school songs may through back of course you did marijuana but he did like solo dolo it was just real dope man by the way shot cactus flea market they did the merge for cutty shit they blessed me with some submerge and it was just superdome shows fucking lettuce focus yadi out there dance and and saw a lot of.

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