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To say the people that you know the wonderful clients and people that is sometimes innocently get stuck in this cycle tend to be. Creative thinkers are. Gone kind like some of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure speaking with you know just. Just. Really. Really really. Amazing. And I think people aren't know. We don't feel that way. We're in the midst of anxiety. We feel so like shamed and vulnerable and like sometimes like a shell of who we were and. It's like, Aww, man just if only they could sorta see themselves the way we can see them in. That's where that piece of self compassion comes because we can sorta learn to see ourselves the way others do riot like that application of compassion. Exactly it dies. It grows it grows over time it crust yet. The million dollar question on Probably many people's mind is do you ever feel anxious now? Yeah so I love this question. Still on the panic agoraphobia, I can't wash the dishes because there were knives in their days no no like a firm no I don't remember the last clinic attack or anything like that. However anxiety Yes Because I'm human, right? Yes. I was definitely nervous to start this morning i. feel like I label in a little differently sometimes, they'll say. Can feeling anxious or perhaps it's I've been out in a very stimulating environment for long-term zone spilling over aroused and it'd be nice to take a break or I'm nervous or you know it's just And it, and there isn't as far as getting kind of caught in that. Eichel. I. Just. Don't see it happening. I think you can relate to this. You know like that experiential learning our nervous system additive. And just like I like the analogy of riding a bike. It's like riding a bike. Oh, there you are. Okay. You know and it's in it's second nature after enough repetition and it's so it's like you can't unlearn what you've learned experience right like when you experience learn ride a bike you just have that feel you have that skill you have yes, you it is. It's additive and it's and that's the same thing here. I think is like it's just you can't unlearn what you've learned you know and it's like I'm still continuing to learn for sure regarding being human whether it's anxious or other things but anxiety or other things. But like I imagine we'll be learning till the day I die. But yeah, I think it's just that experiential learning and that's where the benefit of like. Actually getting on the bike versus reading about learning how to ride a bike comes in because that experiential learning is like. That's just where it's up like that is really where attack is like once you have that experiential learning of like I know how to work with anxiety when it comes up when you know that and can trust that and know what it looks like in your body like of course, there's not the same fear there because the fear is from, I'm not gonNA know how to work with this is going to overwhelm me I can't do this. So it's Like one that is eliminated it's hard to feel. It's really hard to feel afraid of it in in the same way ever again. Yes. which in turn like doesn't really create a breeding you know right foundation for avoidance strategies and things like that. So just it looks very different. It's like the same it feels very similar to Oh wow I was really grumpy about that and wonder what story I was telling myself you know and.

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