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Break as bend was talking about out of south mexico and central mexico so a lot to get to the charity concert and so will la will do that uh tonight around about ten minutes the nine or so give you information in bonn that number monitoring the earthquake as bend was talking about out of south mexico and central mexico so a lot to give to the 10 freeway is still a mess i out there on it near the 210 freeway so if you're traveling that way and for some reason you have not heard it is a a a real real mess and it's not going to be cleaned up or cleared up any time soon so if you're out there uh off the on the ten freeway in the reality show or 215 area uh just be warned that is there's no way to get through there is no kuwaiti get through there and without dumb it taken you ours are rely on kfi am 640 don't foty cover select kfi carson reporter did hiphop brew rule rab you're you're telling stories from the streets even if you go all the way back to the forefathers they were painting pictures of things going on that have just been glossed over i guess now still slowing stories from the streets in still trying to shed light in the dark corners of bring truth and kost hd 2 los angeles orange county 24hour news more stimulating talk that crashed him was distorted about two big break on the ten in reality told crash there is killed at least five people we had a big rig traveling westbound armed interstate and approach in riverside avenue uh we don't know why but the vehicle crossed into that you found lane exceeds be officer brian alvarez says the semi slammed into at least four other vehicles this afternoon including a motorcycle some caught fire the freeway was shut down in both directions westbound lanes have reopened at least a couple of them eastbound lanes will be closed into.

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