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Men to win your battle so pick your battles and while rose really didn't start the mi2 movement needed it milano that was toronto burke in two thousand six but it never caught on and i'll be completely frank here in 1997 toronto burt sat across from a thirteen year old girl who had been sexually abused and that little girl was explaining her experience and it left burt fucking speechless so ten years after that conversation burt startled business called just be incorporated a nonprofit organization that helps victims of harassment and sexual assault and she was looking for resources and she found none available and then she just committed itself to doing it on our own for people who've been abused and she gave her movement in name me too but you only know about it because pretty movie stars and that's what roseman gala was she was gorgeous before she chopped off for hair scott wearing makeup and decided to purposely maker savas unattractive a she can be you only know about it because all these pretty movie stars thrown around now where do you think it would be if it was just about that thirteen year old black girl sadly it'd be nowhere but maybe when oprah's president she and vice president andy cohen can shed light on all these terrible things right after oprah is asked to explain to america why there are so many pictures of her kissing harvey why so many pictures of her kissing bill clinton kissing bill cosby kissing george fucking soros the worst human being in the world and how she loves to tell her followers find the people who if you up and live life.

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