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To an agreement about how to best Copernicus Lexington is their first time talking in a while she accented not reach out to her for a while and he said he was trying to give her time by admit sinn. I'm really trying not to be that guy to just start talking just popping so he could face to face conversation. Continues says, she says, she needs him to respect US space in focus on what's important what is important is that she says she needs him to help provide a home for his son because she claims that he kicked her and her son is home and hadn't been helped and had it helps financially she also said Comfortable with him came prosser learn because of a busy schedule, not knowing the needs of their son who's a baby at the time and allegedly drinking habits. Here reiterates that he isn't trying to meet up with her to have a healthy. Ee. He'd. Health Affairs, concessions story so they can hash out their differences, but she wouldn't allow it in response to that. She says, she doesn't want to meet him because he's allegedly chased and dragged her. Which I guess spock's the whole entire backlash on it and. Is a difficult one in it because I think the issue obviously is especially with Joe, is that fetuses pocus you know how hard the is on people have been accused of. Women and he's been involved in a few relationships that you know, of course, that toxic and it takes two people to crack talks relationship. But there are too many occasions where Joe's been involved in women. It's resulted in some sort of physical altercation. There's been too many instances of. Those kinds of things for people to look him and give a decide I especially when you consider their stance that they took on. Tori. Lanes and stuff like that ray kind of make odd. To. Take. That kind of stance on you've got these skins a Yo of dealing with regard in the other side I guess in in.

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