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Strain of the virus that's now popping up in the U. S. Hospitals air hoping people listen to their warnings. Just stay home to celebrate the New Year. Fox with Jeff Paul, the president, ending his holiday break early President Trump is back at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. Tonight. He cut his trip tomorrow Lago two days short, and so far, the White House is not telling Fox News or any other outlets why he decided to return to D. C. While 2020 is winding down. President Trump is not he's going full blast with election contests Over a dozen House Republicans are now backing his efforts and have committed to opposing certification of the electoral College results. January 6 blocks of Gillian Turner. The president plans to travel to Georgia Monday to campaign for the GOP senators and Tuesday's runoff election. America is listening to Fox News. Staying connected continues with 1061 FM Talk 80 chances unveiled some new changes in the order in which covert 19 vaccine will be distributed in North Carolina. People ages 75 or older have been ordered moved up to the top of phase one b of the vaccination rollout plan. Residents in that category can begin receiving their inoculations the week of January. 11th at last report, more than 63,000, frontline health care workers and residents and staff at long term care facilities had received the first doses of their vaccines. Buncombe County restaurant owners have tough choices to make as capacity limits are about to change. The board of Commissioners voted last week to cap Dinan capacity to 30% beginning on Sunday. It's a drop from the current 50% number. A man who owned the Biltmore Village restaurant for seven years told Wlos TV that he decided to close down because of a lack of local leadership. More than two dozen business owners and operators have been warned after multiple covert 19 violation. Complaints were filed against them. One person is dead. Another is in custody Following a fatal stabbing in high point, Kyle Wilson reports. Police were called to the 400 block of North Centennial Street just after 10 o'clock last night. That's where they found the victim, a man whose identity has not been released, stabbed multiple times. Despite their efforts, and those of the M s. The victim passed away from his injuries. Charged with second degree murder was 48 year old Michael Geoghegan. He's being held under a $1 million bond. I'm Kyle Wilson and Raleigh Police chief Cassandra Deck. Brown has announced that she will be retiring from the department after more than 33 years on the force. Move comes at the end of a turbulent year for our PD, in which Brown came under sharp criticism for her handling of violent protests in downtown Raleigh this summer and for the cost of extra security details around her home. Brown first took over as police chief and 2013. Her retirement will be effective April 1st with continuing updates. I'm Matt McClure..

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