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Pound dead lift is guaranteed. One hundred percent never failed me too. So get you some of that get your dead lift up. Also, we've got some books. First of all the books we read today, and and James Webb's, James Webb has ten books that he's written of the two that we covered today. We'll both be on the website fields of fire. And then I heard my country calling these the two books I read that. He also mentioned a book called the Nightingale song, which is a great book. And we'll put that one on as well. Did you hear me Nightingale song Nightingale song? Great book. It's about the the class that the naval academy guys that graduated with Jim Webb and what they did. Did they all had a huge impact on the navy and on the country? And it's well, the this particular group that he talks about so we'll put that book on there as well. Because it's a great Bokan, perhaps I'll cover it at some point obviously for booked. We also have way of the warrior kid and Mark's mission if you know kids get him these books, and, you know, get them on the right path of of going in the right direction of doing the right things. It's just gonna be it's it's gonna help kids out there. The feedback I've gotten from around the world, and yes, I've gotten feedback from around the world by around the world. I mean, Australia New Zealand of gotten a whole package of letters from classroom in New Zealand of kids that are on the path. So if you read a book magin, you you read a book, and you're seven years old nine years old, and you decided that the book was good enough that you're going to try and find the author who lives on the other side of the world and write him a note and say, thanks because I'm on the path now that's the book. Right. Their way the where your kid and Mark's. Mission also disciplining freedom field manual this. You know, what this is Christmas time? You you. It's a Christmas. This book is a gift. It's a gift for people that you know, that you want to help if you have an enemy don't give it to them because then your enemies going to get on the path probably come back, and whatever you eighteen months, and they'll be jacked, and they'll be focused, and they'll crush you or or. Yes, you're right, or they could if well, I guess if they're it depends on their level of of malevolence in their soul. Because if they have a little bit of good in there, you know, if they're going to do they're going to read that little part about laughter wins. And they're gonna see that the light is going to overcome the darkness, and maybe they'll come back to you in eighteen months. And like, hey, I got you something, you know, boom. And we're not we're not enemies anymore. We'll move in the right direction, by the way. Do you want to train by the way? Do you want to Jackson steel, by the way? Do you want to go out and eat some steak because I'm down. So that might actually be the movie. There that could be the move nicely done. I like the way you think that audio book is not on audible, it is on I tunes Amazon music, Google play other MP three platforms extreme ownership. First book, I wrote with my brother Leif Babb, and that's. Taking the principles that were used in combat and then applying them to business and life. And then we followed that up with another book called the dichotomy of leadership nother New York Times bestseller, which is super cool and all that..

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