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By Main Street bank. Thanks for spending your Thursday afternoon with us. It is to 18. We've got your traffic and weather on the 8s, straight to Dave in the WTO traffic center. Gamma ray county, a police stop turned into a brief police chase on I two 70 southbound that chase ended in a crash in the main lanes near 28 west Montgomery avenue. And that turned into a foot chase down to 70, the response to the crash and the police activity blocking a few lanes on two 70 southbound traffic is getting by the activity in the main lanes to some extent. Southbound toward false road. Northbound local lanes near montrose road, the minor crash cleared. The bus crash off veers mill road near Randolph road. That's off in the parking lot. The right lanes blocked minimal impact on the beltway outer loop slow out of lanham. After four 50 before the BW Parkway, the work zone was blocking the right lane, northbound on 95, near the Howard county rest area, road work back, right lane blocked. Virginia slow start on the inner loop out of Tyson's toward the McLean exits and Georgetown pike in the Parkway. And they're backing up and picking up and reopening the right lane, but interloop traffic will stay slow as lanes reopen. Andy, if in thereafter, north out on three 95 after edsel road toward duke street, the right lane is still blocked. Southbound, it's getting slower at the aka Quan. Northbound traffic on 95 is very slow across the rappahannock at a Fredericksburg. The work zone after 17 is still taking the left lane. In the district, The Rock creek Parkway should be reopened to traffic at least northbound, unclear if they've reopened southbound, but northbound traffic on The Rock free Parkway should be able to get by the crash at peace tree was getting moved out of the way. Trash truck took down wires and that response and your Washington hospital center is blocking the eastbound lanes of Michigan avenue. Northbound north capital street, the traffic signals are dark. There's a power outage in the area. You can go straight ahead on north cap, but that would be slowly and under police direction. A girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor, an elder in Guatemala, dreams of being part of a community. Reach out and change their world, it will change your own unbound dot org. Dave del dein WTO traffic. All right, a little bit of cloud cover today, but certainly warm temperatures, let's go to storm team fours, Mike staniford. Looks like a warmup coming away this afternoon. It's intervals of cloud cover and

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