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Something. Yeah. That was like Bernie top and was like, well, I was riding, you know, and then we said Spain, because that rhyme with plain, and nothing had anything to do that was like nothing about Daniel was true. Oh my God. And I was like, so disappointed. I died in a plane crash. I thought he goes, oh no, we said Spain because it totally Rhett because that song has been sung to me. That in odan, if you're Danny, you get that song. Danny boy and Daniel my brother. You hear a lot. Yes. Wow. So you hear that so that must have been. So it was yeah. Those were some of the moments that you can not, even. I mean, it's a snapshot in your DNA forever. How could it not be? What was like the first like do you remember like the first incredible, like you've put out what album was magic man on? What was that? The first album. Just go to Annie. Oh, yeah. That's right. And what else was on that? Oh, there was a bunch of stuff. There were songs like soul of the sea. Yeah, I know that. Yeah. The song dreamboat Annie was. And then there was some really cool ballads on there. And then there was heartless. Oh, yeah. It's kind of like, wow, reaching back through the veils of time. No, I know it's a little bit. You have such a big catalyst. I mean, what were those? When I'm clean. Yeah, yeah. That was a good album. Holy shit. That album, that album is just. I had to cassette and broke it and had to get another one. Oh man. Oh no. Do you remember Columbus it's spool it back in with a try too, but I really did a number of derma Colombia House records. So I signed with them. Yeah. So that was my very first like where you get like ten albums for a penny and then like you never pay and then they come after you and you merge your credit. So I did this. That's really screw up in college. It totally did. But that album was that album was I'll tell you the albums on that list. It was that. It was this is such a little team. It was aquiline. Oh, I got so into that element. I was so into that album. It was, yeah, I think it might have been. It was hotel, California. Oh God. That was a good one. Failure. And then it was it was the doobie brothers record with China grove on it. Oh God. Yeah, because these are all songs we did, but so you go to your first, what's the first what's the first holy shit where it doesn't have to be a stadium, but it's like there's 5000 people here. Like, yeah. We were just like, the number one cabaret band around Vancouver. That's really called the bars or I wouldn't call y'all. It's worth it. Well, you know, I think it's hard that Midler. The gay bathhouse. But so we were playing at this little dive, dinner bar kind of place where they had all these terrible rules. That should be wearing matching outfits, and you should not be chewing gum, and there's no cursing from the stage and eat me. Yeah, exactly. And so you know, Anne was we were just all really over it, you know, with these people at this place. And all the people were sitting and eating their dinners and so they weren't listening as much as a real rock crowd would actually be listening when you hear like a knife and fork. Yeah. And so and sort of put it out there like one night. She goes, well, how's your dinner? Out there like everybody. And she's like, 'cause we tried to have some earlier tastes like lysol to us. Oh my God. And so immediately we were fired. Really? Then you didn't love that. They're cleaning out the dressing room. This is an early Yelp review. Right. So we went back to the backstage during the break and got our things together, sets of stuff on fire, you know? Really? Before it was Axl Rose. I think we had learned from some cognac and we lit it up and good for you. Burns of paper. Hey kids, there's a lesson. Burning shit, I love it. Just because you're a little cool. So then you get to your first drivers. The same night we get a call from Rod Stewart, to go open in Montreal for about Stuart. Oh my God. Okay. We can do that. You move some things around to make that happen. Let me check my calendar. Let's see you opening for Russ Stewart. Yeah. The great big rod we're going to be able to what was that light? So we got there. We went across Canada on the train. We know what the star card. Yeah, yeah, I don't know what really beautiful. And got to Montreal, got to the gig and got up on stage and started playing before road steward. And everyone lit their matches in their whole place, because they had further magic men and they'd heard the beginnings of our new music. So and they're singing back your music. They knew it. They knew crazy was that when you heard people like the whole crowd singing. Yeah, so it's like, you know, it's a church kind of an experience. Oh, yeah. It's rock and roll church going. Kind of stuff. Yeah. I mean, I feel like when I would sing magic manic karaoke. I felt the same from the crowd. I was like, I could hear his plates and I said, I was like, I don't think y'all are getting it. You're going to. One day. But no. No, I usually was asked to leave. We tried to do some karaoke for a while and tried to do alone on a karaoke machine and she wouldn't even try to do it. And on this karaoke, but it's not. That used to score you during the song. How did you get 100 to beat her little to say wait a second?.

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