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An interesting so were on the hillside an way yes so i had it so i went to san diego state from and a grad and i and my last year i had a bunch of just like free elective that i just needed attacked graduate and so i was taking biology and neuroscience courses i had almost gone to s c for the psycho bio program and then also sds you combined with ucsd has a joy i was at rental neuro psychology per hughley competitive clinical neuropsychologist so there so there were good there were good school i enjoyed it there and um and that my last year i had this health psyched teacher that was really in two whoo injures that you have if for of modify into a an actually like ice like he was part of this like the pyramid schemes supplement like multilevel marketing supplement program and i was buying supplements on hand when they called again i i seem driving around in their trucks they always have build sticker on the back of their trident remember the brand of this plan life yeah i guess there's a future summit i don't remember the i don't remember this now but like he totally planted and like you know we went through motivational interviewing and what is blew my mind ray and it was but all the motivational interviewing was all like aimed at making lifestyle choices and proper nutritional choices and then somehow this like ba lead into naturopathy is that the when i found the naturopathic medicine program at best year online you know the marketing language that they use to have which has changed since i started blogging.

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