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Night's sleep will move now to a topic about which most of this audience I would think including myself knows a little maybe but not a lot artificial intelligence a I it's a future and with the fire without us some of its uses also raise ethical questions and with that I'll bring in way over their doctor Steven Mintz he an expert in ethics in artificial intelligence thanks for the time today are you welcome there hello yes there you go wonderful thank you let's let's start if you would with a brief definition for this audience of seniors who Orton so what is a I well the simplest way of putting it is a system of automated decision making so often based on what we call a machine language it analyzes data that is included and puts out an answer to the answer such as if you wanted to find an Indian restaurant to eat and say that to the motor mated system and they'll analyze will you are your location and did you perhaps a few choices that's very general definition is very different from the early computing with which my generation grew up where if you ask a machine what two times two is it's always going to say for this is this goes beyond that doesn't it right it can analyze the data and make decisions in the future even I know in in accounting but sometimes use to figure out whether fraudulent financial statements are a possibility based on financial data that is imported well talk about some of the other areas where seniors might be interacting with artificial intelligence and not even realize it sure sure well when you put it on Amazon and where you buy a cookbook on Amazon well you're gonna get all these notices from Amazon in the future well we thought you might like all these books that deal with cooking and recipes so we learned from what your preferences are to provide you information that they need to be interested in of course you would buy it the curves yeah that occurs on many web sites as well of course today we were looking at things like automated driving an automated parking system which will put into a computer on board and can help you to do those things that you used to do on your own you brought up the internet marketing stuff and that's a that's a prime example here you go in there and you buy a cookbook and they're gonna the next thing you know you're gonna see ads for oven Mitt sin right just all kinds of stuff that they're hoping you poor or they're presuming based on all that data they have that you're going to need as well how successful has a I've been in replacing the people who were kind of responsible for some of these jobs before I think it's it's it's it's a little stage of growth is no longer something that you don't see any other than warily it hasn't gone full blast and workplace people in all areas but I think we're getting to the point where that's one of the big dangers that these they will replace jobs and people have to be retrained and other things airline systems now use these automated data artificial intelligence systems to figure out what your family is going to be based on input in that what you want to go back to see do you want the sort of things that might have used to be done by an airline assistance and they wouldn't even have been some of that discussion ten P. right in years ago just you want to go on this day this is how much it costs that's right you want to sit up front you once in the back you will sit on the Nile those are about the into the options and they were all pre price now pretty much everybody Spain a different amount for a doctor Stephen minutes on fifty plus step let's kind of segue into the next question which is the the tie between a I and ethics what's right and just okay according to a terabyte of data what what's right might not be the most ethical choice in some cases it what it what that's true and with the you do have certain ethical issues that may be less prevalent in young systems me one being by the data introduced into the system is biased in some way the results have been going to be biased or useful so I one resembles I always gave my students is a managing were applying for a job and the company a company say looking at you on your social media and what they're trying to figure out this is all done by machines is whether you are a potential excessive drinker look at this you know for those in western game because that could affect workplace performance but maybe it's just the type of person that posts pictures chunking and you know be any worse in the workplace and someone will post no such pictures yeah unless you got to kill a bomb on your dad probably aren't that may be like a surveying a bunch of tall people and ask if it's good to be tall and that's the only people you ask yeah the business world is just neck deep in a I by now it it it's it's transforming the workplace and so many different areas but it was really difficult questions as to who's watching movies is to make sure that we operate as intended and then you have the an emerging issue now of cyber security hi because it is so now you know we did the stand to lag the uses of the technology and that's where we are now yeah it's still it's still a person programming this machine to to analyze the data in a certain way isn't it that's right that's for the ethical problems can come in right right preferences my bias what is the date what a tangled web hall so what I've got about a minute and a half with you documents I apologize but so what's the bottom line what should we be watching for in the future and be preparing for I think you have to try to understand what the album is going to be used when you're working with a company that such as airline companies have the data is going to be used make sure that you do need to do is accurate data into what you doing and learn more about how the system works right now it's sort of a black box affect nobody really understands how the decisions are being made but the opponent learn about it and be less intimidated by it but there's no doubt that it's been replaced more and more things over time so we need to be aware that some day you know what the movie say some day the machines are going to take over the world and we will be expendable now it may not my lifetime I hope or nor your thank you so much I really appreciate this is right here in lightning coming up next we're gonna talk to doctor books cash about Gee I'd issues.

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