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Into the market that tests. Those assumptions interesting. You've a much more formalized process for building and crafting brand narratives and stories. When i've done my consulting work focused on building brands. i have a essentially. Let's call it a two or three stage process. But the first process is understanding the company right the interviewing the internal stakeholders and trying to get a sense of the pulse. The narrative that they're talking and make sure that everybody is speaking the same language and understanding what their products their service who they think they're going after and how they're describing themselves and truly what they want to be in. This is much as about understanding the personality of the company as it is getting the definitions of the brand. The second part is mapping that against what their customers or prospects. Thank to try to figure out how they're thinking about solving a problem. What are the criteria that they care about. What are the pain points trying to solve for. And where they're looking for that information so as much as your process of figuring out what you want to say what research supports it and then where you can go distribute that message. I do think that is important to constantly understand who you are the true identity of the company and the people that are building this message and reflect that against who. You're trying to get that message out to make sure that there is that resonance that you're speaking the same language and that you're solving their pain points. How do you feel about. Mapping the identity of the company against the customer personas. I think that's crucial if you really want your messages to resonate. You're exactly right. That the first half of this process the first three steps that i outlined are really about establishing what we were trying to say and the way that we want to say it the next step would be to map it against the different personas that you know that you're surfing so as an example when my clients has a variety of users within their software gannon's abebe software. The first user was data scientist. That was really obvious. We had built a platform. Four data scientists that was always who are number one percent it was going to be but there is a second user who is data engineer annetta slightly different persona so the data scientists is actually doing the analysis in running the numbers in trying to answer questions for the company. Data engineers almost agnostic to. What's going into the pipes. But they're responsible for making sure. Those pipes are working and that they're giving the optimal but for the organization and that person was severely under served in the marketing that we were producing so by identifying that second persona. We can say what we want. The data engineer to believe nor do is going to be slightly different from what we want the data scientists to believe our do that cohesion. You're talking about is mapping that top line corporate marketing prerogative into each the distinctive personas. I think that that is absolutely the key to creating a brand that resonates. It is not just about what you want to say. As much of the research you can do and the channel optimization. If you're not mapping to what the prospective customers want to hear in solving a problem that they have your shooting in the dark and so. I'm glad to hear that we absolutely agree on that. And i think that's a great place for us to wrap up for today. So that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks to katie. Ms the founding partner at worthwhile digital for joining us and part two of our interview which we're going to publish tomorrow. Katie is gonna tell us about her tactical advice for using own channels for testing messaging. If you can't wait until our next episode and you'd like to learn more about katie you can click on the link to her linked in profile on our show notes. You could send her a tweet at katie missouri any k. A. t. i. e. m. i. s. e. r. a. n. y. Where you go visit her company's website which is worthwhile digital dot com and a special thanks to hub spot for sponsoring this podcast align your team with a single source of truth to get a clear view of your businesses performance marketing sales and service hub. Spot will enable your team to adapt and evolve as fast as the changes in your market. Learn more about how you can scale your company without scaling complexity at hub spot dot com and special thanks to deadline funnel for sponsoring this podcast. 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