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This month marks my fifteen year anniversary of podcasting. I am pretty sure. I published my first episode episode January twenty seven. It's not a terribly exciting story. But I don't know that I've ever told The in depth story of How I started in summer? Two Thousand Four. I launched my i. I real- website domain name. That's Phantom power dot org still exists but doesn't really do anything other than handle my email. I I had this idea at the time of just recording radio shows as MP three files and just posting them on my website and just kind of see. Hey if anybody find some great. That idea grew out of the fact fact that I'd been publishing music on the Internet for a few years and really in one way or the another publishing on the Internet since ninety seven and I had this idea to do radio shows I had enough gear already. I had the know how to record audio because I've been doing it with music for a few years and you know I had a cup of Coffee Offie in radio back in nineteen ninety six because I went to broadcasting school from ninety five five into ninety six got an internship at WABC FM eventually worked on air. Are there up until the point. When the radio station went off air it was bought out by a Spanish radio conglomerate and they pretty much turned it into a Robo Station of historical stoorikhel note? Worthiness ninety-six is the year that the Telecommunications Act was modified to highly deregulate radio net gave the rise is of these massive mega radio companies. So I really got into radio at the right time just in time to have all of the small stations that people would usually start out in bought out out in automated across the country. So two thousand four. I had this idea in clearly. The idea of somehow publishing as some type of Internet radio show that wasn't just streamed dreamed over some sort of Streaming Protocol like shout caster is cast which I believe those existed. Then just something you could download and listen to when you wanted. Clearly that idea yeah was Circulating amongst the people of the world later that year before I had published any of these so called Sh- radio shows. I was part of a Yahu group that that was dedicated to the nick. Gilio radio show Nick to Gilio was and I believe still is a host host on. WGN radio out of Chicago and Nick was a weekend warrior. Guy Who would work all these. He's weird shifts but he developed A following including me. This Yahoo Group was really run by fans. Though so nick. And some of his producers eventually did join the group and one of the conversations in late two thousand four in this Yahoo Group. I mentioned that how I used to work in well. I barely worked in radio another member of the group. George Smith said well maybe you should start a podcast and I was I I was like what is that and I think I might have said. I'm not sure I know what that is and you said Yeah you should look it up. It's kind of new thing. It was started by Adam Curry it used to be on MTV. So I started researching it and immediately I was just really taken with the whole thing so it was probably probably in November two thousand and four. I started just listening to podcasts. And the first show show. I listened to was and I'm Chris. Daily Source Code and I listened to Don Andrew and youth radio at that time there weren't any dedicated podcast directories there were places that were. We're kind of aggregating podcasts. On a very loose basis one of them was audio dot weblogs Dot Com. You could set up your publishing system to ping that you are l.. And if your podcast feed had media enclosures he would just show up there so that was one of the early. Maybe the earliest Type of podcast aggregated Later there were directories like I potter. But I don't know I kept finding these shows. Listen I would do my best to keep up with them. That weren't really many. Good pod catchers back then I remember. There was one called play. pod were you can subscribe to podcast feeds and you know it would download the the media files often You had to manually move them from play pod over to itunes or something like that. It wasn't a great system but it Kinda worked at that time Late Two thousand four and early two thousand five. I picked up a retail job in a shopping mall. Kiosk called glass last gallery and this was Christmas time so a lot of days once it really started to pick up a lot of days. I was just coming home dead tired so I didn't really have much time to getting this. PODCAST started but I felt like for the first time I felt like there was a path to go down if you wanted to. Do you know this so called. Internet radio show thing by mid-january things in slow down enough at this job which was only a seasonal Ajab and wasn't going to last much longer than I could really start to dig into actually publishing a podcast and I got a real rudimentary set of gear together. I was using a realistic realistic brand. which is One of the old radio shack brands a realistic mixer. Yes Sir that My Dad bought me some years ago. I think he founded at a thrift store. Something wasn't a great mixer. It was really one of these things that was designed for you. Know if you WANNA on a to Dj Your Your Barbecue or you know your kid's birthday party or whatever it had had Three quarter inch not. Xl are but three Mike Inputs quarter-inch Mike Inputs and it had I believe three Stereo. RCA channels and two of the channels were specifically for turntables. And the reason. I believe this mixer was was built for backyard. Dj's is The the turntable channels had a cross fade Switches on them and you know if this was something that was just going to sit on a sit in somebody's Stereo Stereo or something and home wouldn't be any reason for CROSS-FITTERS I Plugged some cheap. Mike's ahead into that mixer. And really when I started it was only me so it was one Mike. I took the The audio out of Jen's I'm back she had a g three lime green I MAC and I put Some music and stuff Sound clips onto her. I Mac and I ran that audio cable out into this realistic realistic mixer and got ahead a name for that called. It's something like the the sound tron two thousand or something some stupid stupid thing. I called it. I tapped the audio output from the mixer and ran that into I had a task scam. US One twenty two connected to my Mac which another long story. But I I had a g four book at the time. It was kind of weird but I took the line out from the mixer into the. US S. One twenty two which was a probably a USB one you know a USB one point two interface so it could only do one one stereo track. It didn't have a lot of bandwidth but it was enough and What I would do is I would load The sound clips. I wanted into the I tunes library on the I MAC and I'd put him in playlist so I could effectively control them with the keyboard and I would kind of do a you a a a cue sheet man like a playlist while it was a playlist inside the Application and With the keyboard board I could start and stop the clips in cycle to the next one and it was as close as I could come up.

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