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The updates you with us eight seven seven three three seven six sixty six we have what about fifty tears so minutes left the plans for richard near a six off on board let's chat let's go to paul in war and he's up next what's up paul were very good show thank you paul very good okla great show uh we'll quick on the ah milk whether really low oil quarters uh so i'm going to the game on thursday called and give it occurs on a and uh i mean if someone is looking forward regularly lisa who could see reserve your own smoke are wondering if you are going to be there for a long long time war maybe just a couple of years and also wondering if you saw the article in the espionage arguing about which players we'll probably get two three thousand hits yeah i saw answer the the first one than i want to get your thoughts an article which i have not got a chance to read yet i think i i believe in ras ari i really like him i think he's the real deal i think he's going to be there shortstop for a long time smith i wanna see more out of i i know what i've been told them what we know the numbers these are obviously had a very good track record in the minor league he doesn't quite look the part though and it doesn't it doesn't mean because he looks attache privatised looked to be a great athlete that he's not having prints fielder did it for a long time cecil fielder did it but i i wanna see morris met the forum sold but i like rosario a lot yeah i he's got he's got a great qualities fair yeah and i thought the bad allow west of a lot last weekend when he was in philadelphia the opposite feels homerun if he's got that more popped than i think people said he did as far as that article five and a chance.

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