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This is a hard episode to produce. I'm just going to jump right into it Anton zilberg the Creator and founder of Auto host about this episode is in memory of him in memory of his legacy. And in memory of his amazing family and business and just impact he's had on the industry wage. Unfortunately four days after recording this episode Anton unexpectedly passed away. And so if you're listening, we really wanted to get across this episode is in memory of him and memory of his family and the impact he's had on everybody. He's ever come in contact with Anton and I were just starting to walk. Get to know each other and really just had an amazing time with him on this podcast episode. So I'm honored that we get to show his his memory and in this forum. And so thank you guys for tuning in and just listening and yeah, you know really being a part of what his vision and goal was and if you're dead you are listening to this right now, we want to you know, send Love Prayer thoughts out to his family and team and so please enjoy the episode take notes because this guy was nothing but a genius an amazing guy. So this is is for you Anton. This is for your family. This is for your team how to host and of course, like I said for your legacy, welcome to select the hospitality podcast where we discuss all things Hospitality hotels and business. You can find us online at flick off the podcast. And on every podcast listening platform. All right everybody. Welcome back to Slick talk the hospitality podcast and I'm your host will Slickers. I'm very thankful for zoom and all these electric ways that we can I use for meetings and all of this and exciting stuff that I've got swirled. So today I have an awesome guest I'm Anton zilberberg from Auto host. And for any of you walk out there in.

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